Kiss of the Spider Woman CR

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Kiss of the Spider Woman CR#1
Posted: 9/14/13 at 10:44am
I assume this wont be popular but I recently I started listening to the Vanessa Williams Cast Recording of KOTSW and I completely love it. I find it superior to the OCR. This has nothing to do with the performing cast because I didn't see either but if I had to choose on one recording it would be the Williams. Does anyone else feel the same way?
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Kiss of the Spider Woman CR#2
Posted: 9/14/13 at 6:19pm
I agree a 100%
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Kiss of the Spider Woman CR#2
Posted: 9/15/13 at 2:54pm
I like them both. It took me a while to warm up to the Williams CR because I was so used to the voices on the Rivera one. But now I enjoy them both.
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Kiss of the Spider Woman CR#3
Posted: 9/16/13 at 9:18am
I love it too! I saw both casts on Broadway and while Chita and the OBC were phenomenal, Vanessa and Co. were equally great in their own way. I mean, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Howard McGillan? Fierce! This is my favorite musical ever to be produced on Broadway. I would more than welcome a revival!
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Kiss of the Spider Woman CR#4
Posted: 9/16/13 at 9:49am
I saw Williams on Broadway, and she was wonderful in the theatre. She radiated stage presence and her voice was very well-suited to the music. At the time it was definitely viewed as stunt casting--she had never done much, if any, acting then--but you could definitely tell she was talented and had a future on stage. I was pretty young then, so I didn't really know who Howard McGillin and Brian Mitchell (he wasn't using the "Stokes" at that point in his billing) were. It took me a couple years, after I'd seen them in other shows, to realize that I saw them!

I have both cast recordings but haven't listened to either in a while. I remember the Williams cast recording was a bit more expanded, with extra material and lots of dialogue. Having not seen Chita/Carver on stage I can only judge them by the cast recording, and I'd say that I love the eerie, otherwordly quality that they brought to their roles, even if Williams and McGillin are arguably better vocalists.
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