Budgie OLC Recording

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Budgie OLC Recording
Posted: 9/8/13 at 08:29pm
I've had 'in one of my weaker moments' in my head all weekend!

I had this on cassette years ago, but lost it somewhere... Ive been trying to find a replacement with not much luck. Does anyone know if it was ever released on cd??

If anyone has had a copy put onto disc, please send me a PM :)

Its a score i used to listen to often, well, parts of it. I wonder if the rights were ever made available?
Budgie OLC Recording
Posted: 9/8/13 at 10:50pm
Apparently it's out of print- used copies of the CD start at $60 on Amazon (I should chide you for not googling for yourself). I had a cassette recording of Budgie given by a friend after his trip to London in 89- he also got me the t-shirt! If I can find it and put it on CD I'll let you know. Thanks for the reminder- I haven't thought of it in ages! Now I've got 'Old Compton Street' running through my head...
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Budgie OLC Recording
Posted: 9/8/13 at 11:11pm
I actually did google it, but i saw the price and immediately looked elsewhere, i didnt even notice it said audio cd after the listing! lol

I have sent you a pm
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Budgie OLC Recording
Posted: 9/9/13 at 02:08am
I have the CD.

Funnily enough, I've had Mary, Doris and Jane stuck in my head this past week.

It was a score with some amazing songs and a couple of dodgy moments, but I saw it at the Cambridge (many years ago) and it was a very entertaining show,
Budgie OLC Recording
Posted: 9/11/13 at 04:28pm
Drop me a email davy.petchey@gmail.com and I will see if I can help.