Fastest RECOUP times for Broadway Musicals and Plays

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What with NEWSIES stating it has Recouped it's investment in only nine months...I was wondering what other productions have had a quick Recoup time?
Pardon if this has been discussed previously.
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It didn't take too long for WICKED to recoup, if I remember correctly. It took longer than NEWSIES, though.
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The revival of Glengarry seemed to recoup extremely quickly.
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ONCE recouped quickly

Mary Poppins recouped 1 year
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The A Chorus Line revival re-couped in just 19 weeks(roughly 4 months).
A Chorus Line played its final Broadway performance on August 17, 2008. The tour played its final performance on August 21, 2011. A new non-equity tour started in October 2012 played its final performance on March 23, 2013.
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Wow-was that the recent revial of ACL ? Did not know that...thanks
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The one and only, yup.
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We can't forget THE BOOK OF MORMON - 8 months.
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^^ Beat me too it. I read that in my Grimmerie, and was trying to recall if it was 14 weeks or 14 months.
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Wicked's recoupment was fast considering it was a large scale show, Avenue Q and Hairspray recouped in 10 months and Jersey Boys recouped in 7 months. How long did The Producers take to recoup?

Newsies' recoupment wasn't a surprise but I do wonder whether it did cost more than the reported $5m to stage, maybe nearer $8-9m which is average for a Broadway musical but small compared to Disney's other shows.
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The Doyle revival of Sweeney recouped in about six and a half months.
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In 1975, the producers of SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR announced the show had recouped its investment on opening night and distributed checks to their investors at the party.
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I would think something like Glen Gary... could recoup fairly quickly since it's not a huge investment and the advance is going to be pretty healthy.
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The HAir revival recouped in 3 months...

Jonwo I have to agree either their running costs are a lot higher than we all expect or their investment is much larger than they are reporting. On the other hand though all of their promotional performances (Dancing with the Stars, The XMas Day Parade in WDW) those could add some major money to the investment costs. Also having a new advertising skeme with Cott after the whole Coffman photoshop logo can add some money as well.
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I was surprised Glengarry recouped quickly considering it was only doing 7 shows a week until two weeks ago whereas Death of a Salesman took slightly longer to recoup and was only did 7 shows a week as well. Both shows cost $3m to stage so I imagine running costs aren't that high apart from the salaries of the leads.

I imagine Disney probably invested more money when it transferred to Broadway but probably not a huge amount and also I would imagine when it went from a limited run to a open ended run, there would have been increases in running costs as well.

It's interesting that Newsies has yet to announce a national tour now it's recouped but I imagine it'll be announced in either January or February.

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I think SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR sold the film rights before the opening and was able to recoup before opening night.

There was a play in 1980s (name escapes me) that sold the film rights before the opening and gave the investors checks for 70% of their investment on opening night.
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Also Jersey Boys recouped in about 9 months and I believe The Drowsy Chaperone was even a little quicker. Six or seven.
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Pretty sure Spring Awakening recouped pretty quick too -- 7 months sticks in my head, but that has great chances of being a false memory.
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I think In The Heights re-couped in about 10 months, and RENT took about 4 months.

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Same Time, Next year officially took 3 weeks.
Tribute, the same producer's (Morton Gottlieb) next play, paid off opening night. It had a huge star (Jack Lemmon) and had made money during the out of town tryout.
In both cases, and probably a few more, they were overcapitalized and had reserve funds that were never needed. Those were the first part of the recoupment.

The original Boys in the Band paid off in 10 days. It too had a large reserve and a shortened rehearsal period since they had all done a workshop of the play earlier.

David Merrick had a history of keeping shows out of town to try to make back some money before New York. Stop the World and Roar of the Greasepaint were both financial hits before they opened; I think Oliver made a large portion back on a lengthy West Coast tryout, and even Pickwick which was a 2 month flop, made about 50% of its investment back.
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History Boys recouped in six weeks.
History Boys
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How about the Nathan Lane/Matthew Broderick revival of The Odd Couple? As I recall, it was sold out through the entire run before it even opened.
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There was a play in 1980s (name escapes me) that sold the film rights before the opening and gave the investors checks for 70% of their investment on opening night.

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How long did The Lion King take to recoup? I would of thought it wouldn't be quick, as the show has vast overheads.
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