Halloween products?

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Halloween products?
Posted: 10/3/12 at 03:56am
I'm scared to buy a phantom mask from amazon because they have horrible reviews.

I'm not asking for an amazing mask although i really do love the "german replica" (the one ramin karimloo wears)

But I don't want one that isn't going to fit my face or just flat-out sucks.

where have you guys bought your masks?

EVERYONE, we need to go on strike. This is a serious issue. a broadway-character-halloween store is MUCH needed.
Updated On: 10/3/12 at 03:56 AM
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Halloween products?
Posted: 10/3/12 at 06:26am
Nowhere, dear. Last year I dressed up as Laura Benanti from the Playboy Club.
What a colossal piece of crap! It'll probably run for years.
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Halloween products?
Posted: 10/3/12 at 07:55am
Honestly, your only bet with a Broadway-related character is Sweeney Todd... and that's not even completely Broadway, because it's the Tim Burton version that is sold. (That said, I dressed as Sweeney one year and loved it.)

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