undercover bodyguards (or something like that) in Sleep No More?

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I was just at sleep no more last night motoring about on my own and a guy in a white mask and a suit top ended up guiding me around a little. For about half of it actually. I just kind of trusted it and went with him even though he acted like he was part of the audience sometimes. He stuck with me and lead me in different directions here and there and showed me things throughout. He then disappeared half way through and I motored about more, exploring everything I could.
But I started to notice more guys dressed business-casual who acted like the audience, but didn't quite feel like they were when you watched them some. Maybe they were just watching out for the dancers in case anything happened, the audience is really close to them after all:)
I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience this or knows anything about it?

Thanks tons:)

Updated On: 9/30/12 at 01:11 PM
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What do you mean by "showed you things"?
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Many beautiful things, I assumed.
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Sounds like he was just a "regular" and has attended a lot and wished to show you around. The people in black masks are there for security. I saw a few people who acted like they belonged there, but they were just big fans and "had been there and done that"

Oh how I wish I could re-attend Sleep No More
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Interactive theater cops.... so audience members will interact compliantly and appropriately? Yuck.
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Yeah I think you are probably right, maybe he had just been there tons and was like hey check this out and this out, etc. Really nice person then anyway:)
I would go a hundred times if I could:)
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Nice is different than good.
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I've had well-dressed men "show me things" in the theater. And once on a bus. Oh and one time in an elevator- but he wasn't really "well-dressed"- just shorts and a tank top.

I find it enhances the experience.
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I've been twice and too have noticed people in dark business attire in normal audience masks seemingly guiding people, closing doors/rooms, and preventing people from interupting the actors in transitional or important moments (I actualy saw one keep a man from getting into a bathtub in MacBeth's room. I can't say for a fact, but my thought every time it happened was "oh neat, undercover security."
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I am not surprised that this show has security walking around. After all, folks are intermingling with the cast, and things can occur. Better to be safe and sorry.

My brother went with his girlfriend a few weeks ago, and one thing that he did notice, was that the actors wear the same mask as the audience when moving from room to room.
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That's bizarre. But hot.
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"...was that the actors wear the same mask as the audience when moving from room to room."

No they don't.
Let's all "put LaChiusa over Mozart" [whatever that means] and make empty heads explode!
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I went so long ago that I am not entirely clear on this, but they do have "chaperones" in various rooms. One of them waved me away from an exit door that was only for emergency use - and said, "No" in a quiet voice. They wear masks - different color? Can't remember from 15 months ago.
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*Better safe THAN sorry...not AND sorry...the whole point of that phrase is that you are being safe so nothing happens that you have to be sorry for...
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Actors are constantly in character at they move from place to place. Following even one actor for their whole track demonstrates that. They never don masks.
IIRC, there are "chaperones" in black masks who are easily identifiable if a patron needs help. Their numbers seem to have increased over time. I have seen them steer people away from areas where they might get hurt or collide with actors. They also help to herd you down from the upper floors as the evening comes to an end. But that doesn't rule out the possibility of "undercover chaperones" in white masks. It would be cool to find out if that's what's going on.
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There were a couple times I was steered away from an entrance or exit by someone in a white mask. There was also one stationed on the floor with the rest rooms. They are around. They make sure people don't do stupid things when the Black masks aren't around.
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