Fiddler possible songs?

"Fiddler" community theater audition.
Posted: 8/16/12 at 12:16pm
I'm going be auditioning for the role of one of the three oldest daughters for a community theater production of "Fiddler on the roof". Does anyone have any audition song suggestions?
Also, I'm 25, but I'm always told I look alot younger. And I'm also pretty short (about five foot).Am I too old to play Hodel or Chava? Thanks anyone for any input.
Fiddler possible songs?
Posted: 8/17/12 at 01:17pm
Hey just curious how much time are they giving you to sing? 16-32 bars? Well I think you should sing something soft and pretty, like once upon a dream from jekyll and hyde. Also I would suggest God help the outcasts from Hunchback of Notre Dome, that song is really pretty. Or sing something from beauty and the beast like home or change in me.

Hope this helped!
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Fiddler possible songs?
Posted: 8/17/12 at 09:28pm
Tzietel sings a comedic song with heart and little belt.

It's hard for us to determine if you are too old -- without seeing you OR the rest of the auditioners!

Just go in and knock 'em dead: and if you don't get cast THEN it is because you are too old!
If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
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Fiddler possible songs?
Posted: 8/26/12 at 01:20pm
Tzeitel is described in the script by Tevye as "not yet 20".

That said, Sally Murphy , who played the role in the recent Broadway revival, was 38 at the time.

It's not how old you are, it's how old you look.
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Fiddler possible songs?
Posted: 8/27/12 at 01:22am
^ And how old the other actresses look. I was Tzeitel in a production where Hodel's actress was years older than me.

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