Original musical video

Original musical video
Posted: 8/10/12 at 08:19pm
Not sure if this is the place for it, but just wanted to share a link to my original musical, Compatibility an 8 Bit Musical.

Full show:

Songs only:

I would love any feedback (positive or negative) about it.

The show is a satire of geek culture and features Mary, a wannabe sci-fi writer who works in a tech support center with a couple of zany employees. There's Jenny whose dream of becoming an internet meme has her videoing crazy stunts, and Fitzwilliam whose long hours of adventure RPG games has him speaking in a third-person faux Shakespearean dialect. The score is a mix between 8 bit video game soundtracks, 80s pop and traditional Broadway. Thanks for the look!

Updated On: 8/18/12 at 08:19 PM

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