Belty Audition Song, Comedic, with Guitar.

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I need a belty Broadway song to audition with for a drama camp that I'm going to. I'd prefer if it was comedic. I'd like to play my guitar along with it, but it's absolutely fine if I don't. I sing sop 1 in choir so I can go pretty high but I'd prefer a belty song. I don't want something overdone and I'd prefer if it was from a newer musical. Thank you so much!!!
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This would use no guitar.

"You Can't Get a Man With a Gun" except when you finish the verse and hit '...with a gun', take the octave and go way up into your head. Be operatic. Dramatic soprano territory. But sing it straightfaced. Play only the words. The joke is that you don't think taking the octave is funny.

Enunciate those lyrics; Irving Berlin took a lot of time with them and they are well-made. Especially for a chest voice like Merman's.

Do only 2-3 verses, but do the first one and then pick the bluest of the remaining (not that they're particularly blue) and have fun.
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"One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz" has guitar.

"A Summer in Ohio" would be fun.

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