Playbill/West End Program

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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 03:23pm
I saw my first shows ever at the West End earlier this week in London and you had to pay (think it was 4 pounds) for a program. It was so much nicer than the Playbill you get for free at a Broadway show. I was wondering if theatre goers would be willing to pay for a program if it was higher quality than the Playbill one or think the price of a Broadway ticket entitles you to a free program.
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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 03:34pm
no because it would put playbill out of business and they are a theater icon...the government would probably step in to prevent that
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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 06:46pm
You mean... like a souvenir program?
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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 06:52pm
^Bingo. I feel like we have the best of both worlds on Broadway and tours with the free playbill and the souvenir brochure available to purchase if you choose.
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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 06:54pm
Souvenir brochures are also available separately in London.
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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 07:07pm
programs here in London are far nicer, glossy, packed with info about the show and its history etc. We also then have the Souvenir brochures that are normally very high quality glossy things packed with pics etc (similar to Broadway).

I much prefer the UK Programs to the Playbill's, Playbill would not have to go out of business if they charged for programs that were the same quality as the UK ones.
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Playbill/West End Program
Posted: 5/26/12 at 07:19pm
Nope, I'm pretty happy with the way it is. It's not all that hard to research for more info if I am so inclined. For free.
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