Funny Thing Audition help

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Funny Thing Audition help
Posted: 2/16/12 at 10:18pm
Hello all,

I am auditioning for Funny Thing and I can't decide what to sing. I have narrowed it down to...

Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat- Guys and Dolls
Gee, Officer Krupke- West Side Story
Brush Up Your Shakespeare- Kiss Me, Kate
King of New York- Newsies.

What do you think would be most appropriate? Or if you have any other suggestions let me know thanks!
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Funny Thing Audition help
Posted: 2/16/12 at 11:53pm
Tomorrow, from ANNIE.

"TheatreDiva90016 - another good reason to frequent these boards less."<<>> I hesitate to give this line of discussion the validation it so desperately craves by perpetuating it, but the light from logic is getting further and further away with your every successive post. <<>> -whatever2
Funny Thing Audition help
Posted: 4/16/12 at 02:10pm
If you want audition song advice, sweetheart, you need to tell us what part you are auditioning for. For all I know, you could be auditioning for Domina.
Funny Thing Audition help
Posted: 9/2/12 at 03:19pm
Of the four songs you listed, I would say to go with Gee, Officer Krupke because West Side Story is also a Sondheim show.

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