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Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Album
Started By: Dave13
53275/25/16 1:17am
Official Kickstarter to get Spring Awakening to perform on the Tonys
Started By: JBroadway
594,7945/25/16 1:15am
Riedel on Hamilton not breaking Tony record for wins
Started By: 10086sunset
332,6985/25/16 1:04am
Hamilton Cancellation Line
Started By: Buddy Plummer2
2,155438,2615/25/16 1:03am
Under-active composers
Started By: devonian.t
684,9865/25/16 12:45am
Saddest Bway Performances
Started By: sofiaur8
644,9765/25/16 12:41am
Breaking News: TUCK EVERLASTING to Close This Weekend
Started By: Rob
484,9265/25/16 12:28am
Diane Paulus and new musicals....
Started By: BroadwayBen
211,2265/25/16 12:14am
Musicals that you wish someone else had written
Started By: icecreambenjamin
145775/25/16 12:13am
Sending a letter/playbill to American Psycho?
Started By: SellingOut
32105/25/16 12:03am
The Taming of the Shrew- Shakespeare in the Park
Started By: wonderfulwizard11
0845/24/16 11:57pm
Cirque does Broadway: PARAMOUR Previews
Started By: jacobsnchz14
9321,9725/24/16 11:37pm
1 Ticket for Streetcar Named Desire - Wed. 5/25
Started By: ChiTheaterFan
22585/24/16 11:32pm
Fun Home Sheet Music and Show Question
Started By: MaddieBB12
1437,3645/24/16 11:31pm
Started By: LimelightMike
7732,4495/24/16 11:31pm
Started By: Jeffrey Karasarides
183,2405/24/16 11:17pm
One night on Bway: Waitress or The Color Purple?
Started By: mollyml052
291,2375/24/16 11:06pm
The Official TDF Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
14622,5565/24/16 10:57pm
Matthew Morrison with special guest Kelli O'Hara @ Feinstein's 54 Below
Started By: ren598
106255/24/16 10:39pm
Tony Award Bingo
Started By: Bwaytapper
32865/24/16 10:37pm
Waitress ticket for sale Wed May 25 7:30
Started By: liotte
1895/24/16 10:34pm
An elementary school production of...
Started By: Call_me_jorge
214,4095/24/16 10:12pm
Hamilton StubHub tix - reason to be wary?
Started By: smrtguy1982
231,4425/24/16 9:57pm
dance noone watchin
How long will fiddler last?
Started By: Notreallysilent 2
141,6715/24/16 9:55pm
Shakespeare in the Park filming during play on NY snapchat story
Started By: AntV
32265/24/16 9:52pm
Who will move into the Broadhurst next?
Started By: broadwayrocks2
169275/24/16 9:41pm
Best new (rush) shows for Dad and 3 Teens???
Started By: Malatenj
201,0025/24/16 9:40pm
Selling my huge cast album collection
Started By: theaterbear
11835/24/16 9:33pm
Barbra to hit the road again...
Started By: MichelleCraig
595,1705/24/16 9:31pm
Lena Hall to play HEDWIG on tour for 1 performance a week!
Started By: JBroadway
292,4475/24/16 8:25pm
What's the best amateur performance of a musical you have ever seen?
Started By: mormonsandglindas
241,6605/24/16 8:21pm
Encores! Paint Your Wagon Case Recording Release 5/27!
Started By: theaterdrew
65445/24/16 7:56pm
NSFW American Psycho Instagram
Started By: Johnnywhatwhat2
38225/24/16 7:49pm
Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park
Started By: neonlightsxo
564,0705/24/16 7:47pm
Cynthia Erivo on Stephen Colbert tonight...
Started By: Broadwaystar2
393,6015/24/16 7:38pm
New Amsterdam Seating Question
Started By: minicko88
42065/24/16 6:59pm
JRB at Subculture
Started By: Jshan05
32325/24/16 6:57pm
Shuffle Along & The Color Purple
Started By: pushdabutton
126595/24/16 6:00pm
Only in amateur theater...
Started By: Javi
02135/24/16 5:49pm
Best Songs Cut From Broadway Musicals
Started By: Mr Roxy
11265,2285/24/16 5:25pm
Wildhorn's Monte Cristo
Started By: Pauly3
116875/24/16 5:23pm
Mr Roxy
Songs that were cut from musicals
Started By: BroadMagTech
31665/24/16 5:23pm
Stage Door at A Streetcar Named Desire @ St Annes Warehouse
Started By: Nicole Bermeo
22225/24/16 5:23pm
Songs that were cut from musicals
Started By: BroadMagTech
51805/24/16 5:13pm
Broadway in Chicago Season Tickets - Hamilton
Started By: mtchairs
386,8595/24/16 4:49pm
Anastasia coming to Broadway
Started By: BroadMagTech
548,5835/24/16 4:47pm
Unpopular opinions you hold
Started By: aasjb4ever
600516,9605/24/16 4:41pm
frustration with the Public theatre
Started By: JBroadway
211,3205/24/16 4:37pm
A Salute to Sardi's
Started By: MarkBearSF
52225/24/16 4:27pm
Sydney James Harcourt left Hamilton?
Started By: Wick3
395,7575/24/16 4:18pm

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