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Nicholas Gorham to Bring WHITE!HOT!CHRISTMAS! to The Wild Project, 12/19-23

Nicholas Gorham to Bring WHITE!HOT!CHRISTMAS! to The Wild Project, 12/19-23
Photo by Brett Lindell.

Nicholas Gorham's White!Hot!christmas! will peform four nights only at The Wild Project, Thursday, Dec 19tth to Sunday, Dec. 23rd, 2013 at 8PM. The Wild Project is located at 195 E.3rd st, Bet Ave A&B. Tickets: $15 at or by calling 866.811.4111.

This year, Hollywood's favorite individual will inject some Beatnik chic into the Holidays and continue the great American tradition of self- promotion and secular commercialization! Join us as we selflessly provide a glimpse into the real spirit of Christmas: Wealth and Glamour!

Nicholas Gorham'S WHITE!HOT!CHRISTMAS! is set in the world of fictional 1950s Hollywood star Nicholas Gorham during the live broadcast of his annual Christmas special.

Newly divorced and searching for independence, Nicholas attempts to reach a younger audience with a beatnik persuasion! With his two adopted children and a hip new director in tow, the star boards a plane to Paris, the hippest town of the moment! But things go awry as the troop find themselves marooned in the Jungle with a host of indigenous Jungle inhabitants intent on teaching them a lesson in humility.

Starring: Nicholas Gorham, Justin Sayre, Enid Ellen, Shane Shane, Alston Brown, Martha Lee, and Stacy Lynn Smith.

Costumes by Erik Bergrin. Music by Beth Braddock and Greg Potter.

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