Horse Trade Theater Group to Present 8th Annual FRIGID New York Festival, 2/19-3/9

Horse Trade Theater Group will present the 8th Annual FRIGID New York Festival at The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery) and UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Avenue and Avenue A) February 19-March 9. Founded in 2007, FRIGID New York is an open and uncensored theatre festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in a venue that values freedom of expression and artistic determination. In true support of theatre on the fringe of the mainstream, 100% of box office proceeds will go directly to the artists. FRIGID is here to chill out the New York independent theatre scene's ideas of what a theater festival can be! The Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) has 22 member festivals throughout Canada and the US taking part in a Fringe Festival movement. As per the mandate all programming is open access, through lottery or first-come first-served processes. Since 1982 this movement has proven to produce a rich diversity of theatre and a loyal and growing audience base. This year CAFF surpassed itself with an overall attendance of 1,168,345 across all events. A total of $3,585,981 was returned to the participating artists in over 8,457 performances from 1215 companies. This box office revenue shows a 19% increase in just 3 years and in 2014 CAFF will be adding 3 additional festivals to its membership. The touring lottery, which allows 10 company's coveted slots at their festivals of choice, saw an increase to 170 applicants for a 2014 tour which shows an incredible 57% increase since 2013. CAFF promotes the accessibility and integrity of Fringe Festival and is known worldwide for the unique Fringe Festival Touring circuit that has evolved from our guiding principles. Festivals run from February beginning with FRIGID New York! "Fringe Festivals continue to provide the most popular theatergoing experience in Canada and increasingly in the United States. We are proud that we not only introduce new audiences to theatre, but we cultivate theatre fans some of whom see dozens of plays at a single festival. We are also a growing source of programming for theatres outside of large urban areas - through our smaller member festivals such as the Regina Fringe Festival and through remounted Fringe acts that tour regionally outside of the festival season. The impact of the Fringe movement on culture and communities cannot be underestimated and we look forward to another season of healthy growth in 2014." CAFF President, David Jordan 2014 FRIGID New York shows A Date for the Evening Presented by Celestial Zenith & Liz Lee - New York, NY Written by Celestial Zenith, Directed by Shannon Stowe One woman in the course of an evening takes on a night of speed dating, struggling to connect to anyone in an attempt to mend her broken past. A List of Irrational Fears for Future Leaders of the World Presented by Critical Point Theatre - Blacksburg, VA Written by Andrew Terrance Kaberline, Directed by Julia Katz Over eleven years, Kenrick and Jorja learn to live together while selfishly destroying the scary unknown that is post-college life, in a dark investigation of the power of fear, the state of trust in a youthful world, and the inane mental responses to tragedy. Almost a Genius Presented by Maja Wojciechowski - Chicago, IL Written by Maria Wojciechowski, Directed by Natalie Shipman Maria Wojciechowski suffers from bipolar disorder and panic attacks, so she did what any other insane person would do, she wrote a comedy show about it! In Almost A Genius, Maria invites you to into her mind through storytelling, music, dance, and a colorful cast of characters. Basic Help Presented by StrangeDog Theatre - Montclair, NJ Written by Ben Clawson, Directed by Artem Yatsunov "Your call may be monitored." NJ's premiere indie-theatre auteurs, StrangeDog, bring you Ben Clawson's (Luna Stage, Shadowlands, OG Productions) latest odyssey - a chronicle of two strangers who clash with a kitchen appliance, conquer customer service and quality assurance, only to discover simple companionship in the strangest of places. Boogie of the Apes Presented by Broom Street Theater - Madison, WI Written & Directed by Rob Matsushita A parody of one of the best-loved sci-fi franchises of the 1970's. With the help of vintage children's records and other found material, we're recapping, lampooning, and critiquing the first four Planet Of The Apes movies--in less than an hour. Also, like any good 70's variety show, there are dance numbers. Brownie and Lolli Go to Hollywood Presented by Genie's Hat Productions - New York, NY Written & Directed by Alycya K. Miller Two aspiring actresses get a chance to be on their favorite TV show. They just have to be in Hollywood by tomorrow. With no wheels or money between them, the oddball song and dance duo soon discovers that the road to fame is naughtier and more dangerous than they imagined. Charlotte the Destroyer Presented by Playhouse Creatures Theatre - New York, NY Written by Megan O'Leary, Directed by Janet Bobcean A dark comedy about a washed up children's book author whose drinking problem and phobias sabotage her ability to write. With a deadline long past, the writer's poisoned thoughts manifest in the twisted behavior of her characters as our author struggles to find her way back toward reality. Chicken-Fried Ciccone: A Twangy True Tale of Transformation Presented by Hard Sparks - New York, NY Written & Performed by J. Stephen Brantley, Directed by David Drake Armed with an acoustic guitar, actor-playwright J.Stephen Brantley reveals how he got from junkie to functional with a little help from the queen of reinvention. Chicken-Fried Ciccone is one man's journey to heroin and back, set to countrified covers of classic Madge. Obie-winning master of the one-man-show David Drake directs. Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl Presented by Ginger Galore Productions - Toronto, Canada Written & Performed by Rebecca Perry, Directed by Michael Rubinstein Rebecca Perry's award-winning one-woman "show-sical"(???? Performer, CBC Canada) for the graduate in all of us. Stuck paying off debt, feisty little Joanie makes the most out her barista job by reporting her "findings" on the creatures of "The Coffeeshop Jungle" much like Jane Goodall did with the gorillas! Hilarity ensues. Double Happiness: A Tale of Love, Loss, and One Forever Family Presented by Kelly Haramis - Highland Park, IL Written by Kelly Haramis, Directed by David Knoell A former Chicago Tribune journalist juggles fertility, adoption and loss as she takes the audience on her quest to have a baby. Find out how Penn State parties, a journey to China, and the world's most fertile man helped form a forever family. East in Red Presented by Estraña Theatre Company - New York, NY Written by Ryan Sprague, Directed by Christina Massie The grisly murders of the Whitechapel Ripper take on a whole new level of brutality in modern day New York City. As a sadistic serial killer terrorizes the streets of the East Village, four women fall victim to ghastly acts of contempt. But a dark secret slowly rises to the surface on the night of the final and most brutal murder. A psychological thriller filled with calculated accusations, sharp knives, and scathing twists, East in Red digs deep in to the darkest corners of our minds to reveal our greatest fears. Eating My Garbage Presented by David Mogolov - Boston, MA Written by David Mogolov, Directed by Steve Kleinedler Dumbfounded by a call from a political pollster, David begins a hilarious and revealing dive into his own thought process, searching for a reason any one person's opinion ought to matter. The further he goes, the less plausible it seems that democracy has worked as well as it has. For Body and Light Presented by Travail Rouge - Montreal, QC Directed & Choreographed by Stephanie Morin-Robert Spoken Word & Music by Ian Ferrier For Body and Light explores the interface between darkness and light, form and imagination: meditative stillness, then moving shapes, whispered words and the light catching only the ghost of a body as it flashes past. In darkness, spoken word and music create and project direct on your imagination. The dancers are colour, beauty, motion and touch, intimacy and solitude. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gardaí Presented by Sunglasses After Dark Productions - New York, NY Written by Liliana Ashman with additional text by Malu Bremer Directed by Madeleine Rose M. Parsigian This new play sheds light on one woman's attempt to interrogate the bureaucratic horror that is Immigration Policy. Borders are not only political they are personal. This show examines the desire to find something human and worthwhile in a deeply dehumanizing process. Lili explores immigration from Ireland to her native New Mexico and why it's an issue everyone is so damned worried about. I Shall Forget You Presently Presented by Dysfunctional Theatre Company - New York, NY Based on the poems & letters of Edna St. Vincent Millay Created by Eric Chase & Amy Overman. Directed by Eric Chase "Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand, come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!" Funny and sexy, sacred and profane -- Poetry, music and memories form a patchwork, spiraling through the life of a woman who captured love, defined feminism and shaped the 20th century. I-DJ Presented by Overtime Theater - San Antonio, TX Written by Gregg Barrios, Directed by Matthew Bryan Cassi A queer Chicano DJ/actor spins the soundtrack of his life on the dance floor by night and by day in a gay send-up of Shakesqueer's Ham-a-lot set to a dub-step beat of ecstasy, tainted love, Rollerena and Herb Alpert. Key of E Presented by Dark Side of Saturn - Orlando, FL Music, Lyrics, Story and Direction by Andy Matchett Script by Corey Volence Disaffected wannbe-rocker Ethan has been dreaming of the End of the World, but when a giant flood turns the globe into a watery wasteland and brings his fantasies to life, he finds the Apocalypse ain't all it's cracked up to be. Killer music, fantastic visuals and a hilarious cast of misfits, this junk rock musical has it all! My High-Heeled Life: Or, How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Love My Stilettos Presented by Sparking Fuse - New York NY and Toronto, ON Written by Katharine McLeod, Directed by Rod Ceballos Have you ever had an accidental orgasm in the shoe department? Or wondered when Uggs and flip-flops became acceptable dinner attire? In this witty, seductive confessional, McLeod asks how to navigate the obsession with finding True Happiness. Perhaps it begins one pair of impossibly high stilettos at a time... Óscar Tango-Bravo Presented by Temerity Theatre Company - Brooklyn, NY Written by Ed Malin, Directed by Bricken Sparacino A comic look at conspiracy theories and the people who believe in them, in light of 20th Century events like the Cuban Sandwich Crisis. Do you have what it takes to be a would-be revolutionary? Señor Óscar Tango-Bravo runs the world his way. Petunia and Chicken Presented by Animal Engine - New York, NY Inspired by the works of Willa Cather Created & Performed by Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher Directed by Melinda Jean Ferraraccio From the creators of last year's FRIGID hit The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular! comes a two person turn-of-the-century epic prairie love story based on the writings of Willa Cather. Sprawling fields of wheat, bustling train stations, and rain-soaked kisses are brought to life with only a hat, a scarf, and song. Professor Ralph's Loss of Breath Presented by Playlab NYC - Astoria, NY Written by "Professor" Ralph Philips Mr. Lackobreath is the luckiest man alive, but soon after his wedding his life becomes a high-spirited comic nightmare. Punch and Judy meets the Book of Job in Professor Ralph's neglected masterpiece. Questions of the Heart: Gay Mormons and Me Presented by Inquisitive Productions - Bloomington, IN Written by Ben Abbott, Directed by Mark Kamie Ben is Mormon. Ben has close gay friends. Is he supposed to pick sides? Questions of the Heart follows Ben as he interviews a wide range of gay Mormons in an attempt to navigate the often-painful intersection of religious faith and sexuality. Real Dead Ghosts Presented by Shelby Company - Brooklyn, NY Written by Jonathan A. Goldberg, Directed by Courtney Ulrich A cabin in the woods becomes home to disappointments, secrets and regrets when a young couple are haunted by past choices and future responsibilities. A modern day ghost story. Unfinished business kind of shit. "Ricky Gervais" Presented by NBAcomics - Toronto, Canada Written & Performed by David Andrew Brent, Directed by Daniel Shehori Life has moments that shape us, moments that break us, and even moments that redefine our entire lives. "Ricky Gervais" is a story about how one man, (not) against all odds, has had every moment in life turn out to be one, big, joke! Shooting Abe Presented by Proletarian Productions - New Haven, CT Written by Charles Gershman Brothers Abe and Shlomi know a lot less about each other than they think. When Abe barges in on Shlomi during a nude male photo shoot, his desire for a closer relationship with his brother results in a strange and unexpected outcome. Something Wicked Presented by Everyday Inferno Theatre Company - New York, NY Adapted & Directed by Anais Koivisto "The Queen, my lord, is dead." Lady Macbeth awakes to a purgatory created from her own gruesome misdeeds. Unsure whether her final destination is Heaven or Hell, and guided by three gleefully tormenting witches, she searches for answers... and her lost love... in the mind-bending hereafter. Steve: A Docu-Musical Presented by Tremor Theater Collective - Brooklyn, NY Created & Preformed by Colin Summers, Directed by Nessa Norich Colin and Steve have never met. Colin is a twenty-something musician living in Brooklyn. Steve is a retired railway clerk in Australia who writes eccentric books, lyrics, scripts and countless emails to Colin. Over the last five years, they have written over 100 songs together... and passed over 6,000 emails between them. In Steve: A Docu-Musical, the quirky and charming Colin Summers shares songs, emails, bells, flags, clocks, frogs, maps, a stylophone and other curious artifacts to tell their comic and moving story. The Eyes of Orbach Presented by No. 11 Productions - New York, NY Written by Julie Congress, Ryan Emmons, Zachary Fithian & Jen Neads Directed by Ryan Emmons "Jerry Orbach gave his heart and soul to acting and the gift of sight to two New Yorkers." What if those two New Yorkers fell in love? Celebrate all things NYC, from Dan Smith to Dr. Zizmor, in this new musical comedy about finding connection in the big city. Tina and Amy: Last Night in Paradise Presented by SixTee Collective - Brooklyn, NY Created by Nikki DiLoreto, Antonia Lassar & Maria Gilhooley Before the fame, before the glory, before the drunk texts from Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were really broke. One uncomfortable night in 1997, Tina and Amy are struggling to write the perfect sketch. From the creators of the FRIGID New York 2013 Best Show award, The God Box, comes this super true, totally not made up story about two iconic women of comedy. Yelling at Bananas in Whole Foods Presented by Dan Bernitt - New York, NY Written & Performed by Dan Bernitt Organic. Raw. Vegan. Local. Gluten-free. Free range. Hormone-free... STOP THE INSANITY! After a chance meeting with a 1990s infomercial health guru, Dan radically changes his relationship with the food he consumes. But will his journey into the rabbit hole of food politics isolate him from humankind?

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