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BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - I Hear You Wanna Know What I Thought Of Les Miserables?

Now this brings me to the love trio, Marius, Eponine and Cosette. Who cares? Okay people, You know me! I have such a compassionate, mush heart and I am so sensitive. I cry at commercials for Pete's sake. But it was like watching three people that didn't even know each other. I didn't feel the excitement in my loins for them. They were hormone-less! And what was up with Marius' hair? Did they have gel at that time? It looked like he (Redmayne) had the time to do his "do" each morning. There was no friendship between them. It all happened so fast. So when Eponine (Barks) sang the heart wrenching, "On My Own", I didn't care as much. She was so good though. She had the look, the voice, and the heart. But she was cheated from killing her audience. And when she died, it was like, "Oh well". I didn't care for the Director's choice to have her put the barrel of the gun to her own chest. I didn't like the changes that she wasn't the one to bring the letter to Valjean for Cosette from Marius. These sacrifices are what make her unique, vulnerable, yet hopeful for her and at the same time, devastating to your heart. I should have been on the floor clenching my heart ready to call 911 by this point in the movie. Frustrating.

Oh Crowe...why hath thou forsaken such a great piece of art? And what the hell where you doing up there? Holy Moly, Mother of God! A Mr. Johnny one note with that one note a disaster waiting to happen. I was shocked and disgusted. You are supposed to fear him and be so afraid when he got close to Valjean. He was a wet fish, a deer in headlights. So out of his element. No match for Jackman and no match for a movie musical phenomenon as this. Stay singing in the shower!

As far as everyone else: Sacha was great as expected. Helena needs to expand her horizons a bit. She just played Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd all over again. It was a nice honor to see Colm Wilkinson in the mix. And little Daniel Huttlestone (Gavroche) was a little cream puff that I wanted to eat. Did I forget anyone?

Now, that the throat is slit...my review doesn't mean that much. It's just the way I feel about something that I have been waiting for, for such a long time. This show has been a part of my life and will continue to be living in all of my cells. I sing, 'On My Own" in concert all the time. What can I say?

I will say that I will give the film a second chance. Everything deserves a second chance, maybe a different theater, one with great sound. Maybe, I will go "on my own", keep a bigger open eye. Hugh Jackman is a Tour De Force. Thank you for your performance. Mr. Song and Dance man one day and the next, a testosterone filled Wolverine. Who does that? I will say that I was crying by the end. His last scene made it all worth it.

The beauty of the film was that you did feel like you were there. The cinematography was gorgeous. The ensemble worked together beautifully. Boy, you really felt who were the musical theater people in those ensemble scenes. Did you not? But there is no comparison to the theatrical production. The lush score, the set and the well developed emotional characters. It's a production that will have you holding your breath till the curtain comes down, the real curtain. I should know. I played it for 3 and a half years and maybe I'm impartial. What are your thoughts, your opinions? Give it to me. I can take it! This is your moment to say what you have to say. I did! xoxo

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