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BWW Blog: Ashley Ward of Off-Broadway's 50 SHADES! THE MUSICAL - Having a Ball!

March 27
10:46 AM 2014

Hello again Broadway World readers! Things are trucking along nicely with 50 Shades! We are all finally coming down from the high of opening and going about the business of doing 8 shows a week with a bit less fanfare. Still we are having a blast and enjoying strutting our stuff for our amazingly fun audiences! We are also continuing to enjoy hanging out with each other and just having a ball!

BWW Blog: Ashley Ward of Off-Broadway's 50 SHADES! THE MUSICAL - Having a Ball!
Just some gals making themselves pretty in the dressing room! (L to R Casey Renee Rogers, Ashley Ward and Chloe Williamson)

Last week, after our Thursday night show, the whole cast came out to see Chris Grace and me do our improv thing with our musical improv group Baby Wants Candy! It was such a fun night and we couldn't have asked for a better, more supportive audience. We got the title Tim's Fault (shouted out by one of our cast mates based on a game we play involving Tim Murray- who plays Jose in the show) and we created a full musical (entirely made up and not related to the game at Tim's expense)! The cast loved it and it got several of them interested in taking improv classes! Hooray! It was also really cool to have our new friends in our old stomping grounds (The People's Improv Theater) for the night.

BWW Blog: Ashley Ward of Off-Broadway's 50 SHADES! THE MUSICAL - Having a Ball!
Field trip to the PIT!!! (L to R Tim Murray, Chloe Williamson, Adam Hyndman, Casey Renee Rogers, Alec Varcas)

Well back to the salt mines (aka the Elektra Theater)!! Laters, readers!

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Guest Blogger: Ashley Ward Ashley Ward is an actor, singer and writer originally from Conyers, GA. Ashley has been performing improv and sketch comedy in New York for the last 10 years and continues to perform with several groups including PIT house team Big Black Car, Taco Supreme, and The Scene as well as the one act musical "Seventeen Seventy Something" playing at UCB. She also performs with musical improv powerhouse Baby Wants Candy in New York , around the country and at the last two Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, as well as short run in London. Additionally she is a proud Striking Viking Story Pirate and a Jeopardy! champion. Ashley has a degree in Musical Theater from Webster University in St. Louis. In addition to performing live, Ashley has been in many comedic shorts and web series as well as the feature film "Breakup at a Wedding". She is currently playing Carol in the off broadway production of "50 Shades of Grey" and is one of the writers of the production.