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2014 Tony Nominees React - Michael Mayer '5 Buzzes = Good News or Someone's Dead'

2014 Tony Nominees React - Michael Mayer '5 Buzzes = Good News or Someone's Dead'

We've caught Tony fever here at BroadwayWorld.com, and it's spreading! Follow us on BWW throughout the day, as we'll bring you Tony nominee reactions, exclusive reports, surprises, behind the scenes coverage and oh, so much more! The 2014 Tony Awards, hosted by Hugh Jackman, will be broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City, on Sunday, June 8th, (8:00 - 11:00 p.m. ET/PT time delay) on the CBS Television Network. We're talking to this year's nominees ALL day from BWW's Tony Awards 'war room' - keep checking back for live updates!

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Michael Mayer, Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Best Direction of a Musical
I'm feeling great! It's such a great way to wake up- there's is no better alarm than your phone endlessly buzzing with texts. I wasn't watching this morning because I never remember when they are [laughs]. To tell the truth, its always earlier than I imagine. I just had surgery, so was kinda out of it on my pain medication. I feel like I'm in a bit of a dream state. But, when you pass 5 buzzes on your phone you're pretty sure it's good news. Or someone is dead. It's either very good news or very bad news. Really though, I'm happy to get a nomination for myself but the fact that the design team and the actors got nominated makes me feel so good about the whole show. The work we did together... That's one of my jobs- to create a whole team, and that it's recognized makes me so happy. I've talked to everyone already this morning. It's really a nomination for all of us. I will be celebrating with a visit to the doctor. I don't think he'll let me jump up and down yet, but maybe I'll be doing a little jig by later today. If I can put weight on my leg today then that is celebration enough. There is also champagne in my future.

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