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Glenn Slater

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Glenn Slater#1
Posted: 5/20/09 at 8:38pm
I read the profile in the Sister Act program of 'Glen Slater'.

He has just written above, but show still in preview, minor tweaks still can be made or major if called for, still very labour intensive.

Writing Leap of Faith

Writing Disney fairytale Rapunzel.

Writing Love never dies.

Working on Houdini.

Writing The Hudsucker Proxy.

Working on with his wife Beatsville

How may things can one man do? He must be a workaholic, bet he downs a few cans of Red Bull!!!!!!
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re: Glenn Slater#2
Posted: 5/23/09 at 1:43am
I think that him working on Little Mermaid opened up a lot of doors for him and I think that he is taking advantage of that fact.
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re: Glenn Slater#2
Posted: 5/23/09 at 2:09am
But Sister Act (in Pasadena/Atlanta) originally opened before Little Mermaid (Denver/NYC) so I think it's more like:
"I think that him working WITH ALAN MENKEN opened up a lot of doors for him and I think that he is taking advantage of that fact."
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re: Glenn Slater#3
Posted: 5/23/09 at 5:04am
It's not quantity - it's quality that matters.

Most of the above are works in progress and haven't been subject to criticism.
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re: Glenn Slater#4
Posted: 5/23/09 at 6:31am
Phantom isn't saying that they're all genius pieces, just that there are a lot of them.
Its not unusual to have that many projects on the go, although I agree it does look a lot! At least three of them are at tweaking stage now, rather than full writing, so they'd take up less time. He is an amazing guy tho, and I couldn't imagine him doing anything less than a million things at once!