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will you share your opinions with me for my 10 days on broadway

Featured Actor
Featured Actor
so, i attempted a big fancy musical type pun in my headline, but i think i failed....
so on to my reason behind this post....

Im going to new york in april for 10 days, and we currently only have one show booked '9 to 5'
were definately seeing 'Next to Normal'
and attempting the rush for SNL tickets (Zac Efron...swoon)

but apart from that were not sure,
were looking for rushes/lotterys mainly
or discount codes
but were students so out budget is minimal

anybody got any suggestions?
thanks in advance!
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Broadway Legend
1/26/06 is the best site for discount codes.

Check out here for Rush/Lottery info. Not fully complete but a good guideline.

Click the rush boards.
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Broadway Star
Check out this listing on which they do update when necessary:
I once heard someone describe her (Ruthie Henshall) singing as sounding as though she's trying to swallow a whole meatball slightly larger than her windpipe. (The same person compared Michael Ball's singing to sounding as though he's sitting on a washing machine on spin cycle and Colm Wilkinson's to a man with a paralyzed lip trying to eat cottage cheese.) --- Schmerg_The_Impaler