JCS and Joseph on www.thebirn.com Tuesday 2-4

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Hey Everyone!
I want to thank you all for being great listeners to the Berklee Internet Radio Network's (www.thebirn.com). Since "Backstage with Liz" has been such a hit show this Fall, It will be continuing back up again in Jan, I have 2 more shows left in Dec. This week Tuesday the 11th, I will be focusing on the Great Andrew Lloyd Webber!! Since his shows and songs are so great, I am going to have to have many shows based on him, so this week will be one of my all time favorites JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT!!! So if you are big fans you won't want to miss! Thanks again for being so supportive, again visit www.thebirn.com click on Chanel 1 and the live streaming radio will load into yout music player such as itunes, or rhapsody, windows media etc It's free, and check out the other shows such as rock, jazz, reggae, r&b, country etc. Also if you are interested in being interviewd on the show, please visit my webpage www.thebirn.com/backstage-with-liz/ for more contact info, and if you are a musical theater writer and want to have your stuff played on the air, as well as if you want me to promote an upcoming performance of yours, or have any other questions or comments. Thanks!
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