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Les Miserables

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Les Miserables#1
Posted: 6/8/07 at 3:00pm
so, my dad wanted to know if anyone else has been to Les Miserables when the girl playing eponine has hit a PERFECT note in On My Own, This may already be discussed or something, but I am not sure, so, anyone else?? he's really curious and I kinda am too
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Les Miserables#2
Posted: 6/8/07 at 6:54pm
Do you mean note in the musical sense, as in have you seen (and heard) an actress hit a tone right on the perfect pitch?

I'd say nearly everyone who's seen Les Mis professionally will say yes to that one.

Do you mean hit the perfect note in an emotional sense?

I've seen a fair few good Eponines, so I'd say somewhere along the line yes, but I'm not exactly sure.

I think Kaho Shimada on the Full Symphonic is beautiful vocally, her lovely ease through the higher notes in 'In My Life' especially are a joy, and her On My Own is very good, but then again, although she knows what the song is about, she was singing it from a transliterated script due to her poor grasp of the English language, so hitting the perfect note emotionally isn't to be expected there.

Les Salonga was wonderful too, of course.
The rain we knew is a thing of the past -
deep-delving, dark, deliberate you would say
browsing on spire and bogland; but today
our sky-blue slates are steaming in the sun,
our yachts tinkling and dancing in the bay
like racehorses. We contemplate at last
shining windows, a future forbidden to no one.

Derek Mahon

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