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Titanic - amateur productions

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Titanic - amateur productions#1
Posted: 2/27/07 at 4:27pm
Has anyone seen an amateur or professional production of this show? love the score, but due to being at school, and being about 9 at the time, could'nt exactly see it in NY!!!
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re: Titanic - amateur productions#2
Posted: 2/28/07 at 9:55am
i have the broadway version on a not so legal format we cant talk about.

I also watched it in New York and was pretty disappointed ,the music is nice but the story moved very slow and you didn't really get long enough with each character to care about there eventual fate.

The set was interesting with the best been the side of the boat with lots of windows in with all the actors singing there bits on different levels of the ship. I remember the lighting being well done as well.

The sinking was odd(still can't make my mind up if i liked it or not).

The stage was split in to 2 levels with the bottom level been the dining room etc and the top level the deck.Mr Andrew sang Andrews vision(i think its called) in the dining room whilst all the other passengers were on the deck.

The whole stage floor was on hydrolics and the whole double leveled set raised in to the air with the passengers screaming and holding on the railings ,some sliding down the deck of in to the wings.Mr Andrews sang as the stage was raised on ones side and they were tables and plates etc sliding down the floor past him.

As the ship got really high in the air a black flat rose up covering the stage and that was it.

It was kinda jaw dropping but also a bit weak at the same time.

The size of the set and the running costs are what killed this show in New York , they were selling to about 70 ,80 percent but could not break even.

I doubt we ever see the show in a pro production over here.

They were also a US tour where they scaled the set down a lot so just one floor was raised up and it looked very cheap.

I did like the song Lady's Maid and We'll meet Tomorrow as well as a few others.

hope that helps
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re: Titanic - amateur productions#2
Posted: 3/3/07 at 3:24pm
Hey! I love love love this score as well. I've seen amateur productions of it(booo!). However, I was lucky enough to be in a Canadian production of it (in Edmonton) So therefore I'm biased. I'd say the book isn't the best, but the score is fantastic. There isn't a song i dislike.