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Company? Hadestown? Everybody’s talk about Jaimie?

Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Hello. I’m planning on checking out two shows for sure while I’m in London at the end of the next month I’m going wondering what people have thought the the three shows and what they would recommend. Especially what to pick if u had to narrow it down to only two shows. Thanks
Don't miss Company!#2
Posted: 10/25/18 at 10:34am

I would definitely make Company one of them - it's a really thrilling landmark production. A must-see!

Jamie is heartfelt and feel-good - kind of Kinky Boots meets Billy Elliott. Not quite as radical, but a lovely night out.

Hadestown looks potentially more of creative one, though we haven't yet seen it to review, so a slight gamble! 

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Broadway Legend
Don't miss Company!#3
Posted: 11/17/18 at 9:51am

Having finally seen all 3, I can strongly recommend Hadestown above all else. It really was astounding, and the specific space it's in and use of it is special, whereas the other two would be equally strong (or weak) regardless of where they're performed. I thought the show was fascinating as a political drama that's also really stunning, and to have it all wrapped in mythology was brilliant. and the performances are incredible.

Company is super hot right now and you might wanna see it for that reason, but I personally didn't find it as compelling as a traditional production of it. and while I love Patti, it's annoying how audiences are completely falling over themselves to scream and cheer for her the whole time while she's kind of just being overly hammy and funny and not interesting as a character. 


I think Jamie is kind of amateur, but it's a nice message.