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Les Mis @ 25 - Matt Lucas Dreams the Dream

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Les Mis @ 25 - Matt Lucas Dreams the Dream#1
Posted: 11/30/10 at 6:39pm
"Les Mis At 25 – Matt Lucas Dreams The Dream

Wednesday 29th December

This is the extraordinary story of a musical that was initially panned by critics when it premièred at London's Barbican Centre in 1985; a show adapted by two unknown composers from a weighty French novel with an unpronounceable title, but which grew against all the odds to take over the world.

In this insightful documentary, Matt Lucas, one of the UK's best-loved comedians and a life-long music theatre devotee, ventures behind the scenes of the world's longest-running musical – Les Misérables. Invited to fulfil his dream and perform in Les Mis at the O2 Arena in its 25th anniversary year, he takes on the comic role of Thénadier alongside a cast of 400 stalwarts from previous Les Mis productions.

BBC cameras follow Matt in rehearsals as he prepares for the performance of a lifetime – in front of 18,000 people in the Arena and millions more watching on live cinema relay around the world. This is an intimate and exclusive portrait of Matt Lucas, both as himself and as he goes about creating his own version of the legendary Thénadier.

Contributors include Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Sir Trevor Nunn, Michael Ball and Frances Ruffelle."

From the Dress Circle forum. Apparently the Queen's and Barbican productions were both filmed the week of the concert.
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can't wait for this to be on tv. i love the behind-the-scenes look of the shows. i was surprised at how good he was in the role of thenardier in the concert.