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The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber

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The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#1
Posted: 7/17/10 at 7:27am
He earns £100k a day in royalties and wants to buy a stately home to house his art collection. So what does Andrew Lloyd Webber do with his £700m fortune?
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber

It is not a problem that most people have to face: finding a stately home big enough to house your extraordinary £100 million art collection.
And yet that is precisely what Lord Lloyd-Webber is having to contend with.
This week, he even ruffled the feathers of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon by offering to buy their stately pile because he has run out of wall space.
The couple refused to part with their home, which has been in the family since 1679, saying: 'We are not selling up to some rich man.'
So just how rich is the theatre impresario now - and what does he spend his money on?

***Lloyd's Bank
Moneyspinner: Andrew Lloyd Webber makes £100,000 a day in royalties from musical hits like Phantom of the Opera
The 62-year-old is worth some £700 million, thanks to the success of his musicals that earn him a staggering £100,000 a day in royalties.
They include his latest creation Love Never Dies, the sequel to the phenomenally successful Phantom Of The Opera (which starred Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman).
Lloyd Webber has also become a TV regular with lucrative talent shows to find the leads for his shows Oliver!, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and
The Sound Of Music.
His new show, The Wizard Of Oz, opens at The London Palladium next year.
Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Company also owns six London theatres.
In 2006, he took out Britain's biggest mortgage, of nearly £50 million - not because he needed the money, of course; he just required ready cash to buy further West End theatres, which he already part-owned.
All this contributes to a multi-million-pound entertainment empire.

****The Art Of Art
Lloyd Webber has the greatest private art collection assembled in Britain in modern times.
Seven years ago, he held an exhibition of 300 works at the Royal Academy, and last month his Pablo Picasso masterpiece, The Absinthe Drinker, was sold for £34.7 million at Christie's - he bought it for £19 million in 1995.
A generous philanthropist, Lloyd Webber donated the proceeds of the sale to arts charities through his Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.
Some years ago, he also paid more than £10 million to save a Canaletto for the nation.
He owns rare furniture, such as a Pugin table, tapestries and ceramics. His passion is Victorian art, however, and he has one of the most important collections of 19th-century pictures in the world.
It includes works by the Pre-Raphaelites Burne-Jones, Millais and Rossetti.
His Sydmonton Court home houses Richard Dadd's Oberon And Titania, bought more than a decade ago for £1.7 million after bidding against the Tate and J. Paul Getty Jr.
He also paid £6.6 million in 2000 for John William Waterhouse's St Cecilia. It is now worth nearly £10 million.

****The Best Wine Collection In The World
An avid collector, Lloyd Webber has cellars in England and the South of France, and pays for professional wine storage in London.
In 1997, he held a £5 million sale at Sotheby's. A spokeswoman said at the time: 'This is undoubtedly the greatest single wine collection ever to appear at auction.
'Virtually every bottle falls into the category of the world's most desirable wine and is proof of Andrew Lloyd Webber's impeccable personal taste and wine connoisseurship.
'If Bacchus had a cellar, this would be it.'
She added: 'The enthusiasm that he has for wine, however, has somewhat overwhelmed him and he realises he has collected enough wine for at least five lifetimes.
'Consequently, he has taken the decision to rationalise his collection - he will probably simply start all over again!'
He has collected wine since he was a teenager, when he had it delivered to his public school. He is said to be passionate about Bordeaux and Burgundy.
Jewels of the 18,000-bottle sale included 12 magnums of Petrus 1947, ten bottles of Lafite 1945, and six bottles of Margaux 1900.

****The Expensive Wives
Lloyd Webber left his first wife, Sarah Hugill - the mother of his two grown-up children, Nick, 31, and Imogen, 33 - in 1983.
She received a relatively modest settlement and moved to a property in Bayswater, West London.
He then married protégée Sarah Brightman, although they divorced in 1991.
Once she found success in America, Brightman offered to return her ex-husband's £6 million divorce settlement.
He told her to keep it, as she had earned it.
He gets on with both ex-wives, calling them 'Sarah one' and 'Sarah two'.
His third wife is Madeleine. They have been married for 16 years and have three children.
Two years ago, she laid on a lavish party to celebrate her husband's 60th birthday. Guests were whisked off to the Balearic Islands for the revels, although the couple denied reports that the final bill topped £5 million.

****Giddy Up!
Madeleine introduced her husband to this expensive hobby.
She keeps a stud farm in Ireland, and a team of polo ponies in Britain. Their mare Dar Re Mi galloped to victory in the Dubai Sheema Classic this year, bringing in £2 million in winnings.
Lloyd Webber recently named a homebred two-year-old filly Love Never Dies after his latest musical. He has a stable of horses with Newmarket trainer John Gosden, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Lady Lloyd-Webber is a former international three-day eventer and owns Watership Down Stud near Newbury, and Kiltinan Castle Stud in Tipperary, Ireland.
She is a member of the Jockey Club and a director of Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, and recently opened her polo club to pupils at the local comprehensive school.
They went on to beat several top-notch public schools, including Cheltenham Ladies' College. Recently, she took over from the Princess Royal as president of the Pony Club.

****A House Is Not A Home
Lloyd Webber's grandest house is Sydmonton Court, set in 5,000 acres of Hampshire countryside.
He paid £150,000 for the Grade II listed property in 1978. It is now worth well over £3 million, and its 16th-century chapel is the setting for Lloyd Webber's annual arts festival.
He also owns a £7 million townhouse in London's Chester Square, where Baroness Thatcher is his neighbour, and a penthouse apartment in Trump Tower in New York overlooking Central Park.
Currently on the market for £15 million, Lloyd Webber bought it in 1987 for £4 million.
He sold his palatial six-floor, six-bedroom stucco home in Eaton Square for £15 million in 1998 to Czech playboy Viktor Kozeny.
A £3 million mansion in Cap Ferrat in the South of France is his summer residence, but he also has a bougainvillea-festooned £10 million getaway in Majorca.
He has bought a separate house nearby for his children.

****Fashion Victim!
Once unfairly called 'a slug in flared trousers', Lloyd Webber now has a lavish wardrobe.
He buys his clothes on Savile Row, favouring brightly coloured silk shirts.
He was an aficionado of the legendary avant-garde tailor Tommy Nutter before his death.
Lloyd Webber has also bought his wife several pieces of expensive jewellery.
However, she has recently invested £100,000 in a new business Dazzling Capital, which will allow her to borrow jewels - including rare diamonds - for special occasions, for a nominal fee of £50.
Lloyd Webber buys presents for his family from society jeweller Theo Fennell, and gave his daughter Imogen a silver necklace decorated with a miniature key.

****That Darn Cat!
The Cats composer has a rare Turkish Van, also known as a Turkish swimming cat.
At £400, the pets are expensive, but Lloyd Webber's proved particularly costly.
When he was a six-month-old kitten, Otto clambered into the maestro's computerised grand piano and deleted the entire score for his sequel to Phantom Of The Opera.
'I was trying to write some new music, he jumped on to the computer and destroyed the entire score for the new "Phantom" in one fell swoop,' he said.
Computer technicians were unable to recover the work.
Still, the composer is said to be besotted with the delicate animal.
Asked who is his greatest love, Lloyd Webber said: 'Madeleine'
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Broadway Legend
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#2
Posted: 7/17/10 at 7:37am
Why couldn't that cat have been around to swoop on his piano again while he was writing Love Never Dies? lol
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Phantom of London
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The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#2
Posted: 7/17/10 at 11:08am
I would of thought his 6 'flop' musicals since Phantom of the Opera, would of left him a lot poorer and eaten considerable into his capital, but that does not seem to be the case.

It shows how much money breeds money, I would like to say he deserves every penny, but I understand he is a very poor employer and does not pay his staff well.
Broadway Star
Broadway Star
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#3
Posted: 7/17/10 at 11:35am
The only thing I found hard to believe in your quotes from today's Daily Mail is the picture you've used, it makes him look reasonably normal!!

This is an interesting build up to tomorrows 'Mail on Sunday' CD giveaway... "11 superb songs from the original Pahntom and the stunning sequel Love Never Dies, specially chosen by Andrew Lloyd Webber himself for this unique FREE CD".

The tracks are;

The Phamtom of the Opera
The Music of the Night
Think of Me
Love Never Dies
'Till I Hear You Sing
The Coney Island Waltz
Beneath A Moonless Sky
Once Upon Another Time
Devil Take The Hindmost

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#4
Posted: 7/17/10 at 12:41pm
Interesting read. Very interesting when this week I heard he is finally about to sell his theatres very soon, the only one he wants to keep is the Palladium with Cameron poised to purchase the Drury Lane and Palace and Nederlander to buy the Adelphi outright.

This may have nothing to do with money - but perhaps more to do with Webber now wanting to move away from theatre buisness and just enjoy his established shows - something, sadly, he probably should have done years ago. Also with his health, I think putting on a show just isn't as easy (never was a walk in the park) as it once was and he just isn't up to the stress of it.

Whilst on Webber, expect a Love Never Dies big announcment soon...
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#5
Posted: 7/17/10 at 1:08pm

I can tell you that ALW is very generous to Musical Theatre Schools and Student.
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Phantom of London
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Broadway Legend
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#6
Posted: 7/17/10 at 1:19pm
^ I didn't know that, if he is that is a gold star next to his name.
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#7
Posted: 7/17/10 at 1:49pm
Oh please believe me.
I have first hand experience of his generosity to MT students.
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Broadway Legend
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#8
Posted: 7/17/10 at 4:20pm
He's also very kind to his people with little white envelopes! Well, he was 20 years ago!
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Broadway Star
The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#9
Posted: 7/18/10 at 4:52pm
Does the big announcement have to do with his old buddy Ben Elton?
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The Money Of Andrew Lloyd Webber#10
Posted: 7/18/10 at 5:46pm
Good god. I could live the whole rest of my life with the money he makes in a few months royalties alone.
Updated On: 7/18/10 at 05:46 PM