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RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11

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RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11#1
Posted: 6/21/10 at 5:23pm
RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11
The Royal Shakespeaere Company can now confirmed that it will stage a tenweek repertoire of six plays by William Shakespeare at the Roundhouse Theatre, in Chalk Farm, north London, from 30th Nov 2010 to 5th Feb 2011.
RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11

The RSC will also stage another two Shakespeare plays specially adapted for children and families.

The full scale productions are 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Antony and Cleopatra', 'The Winterís Tale', 'Julius Caesar', 'As You Like It', 'King Lear'.
This is the first chance London audiences will have to see the RSCís current 44 strong ensemble, who have been working together in Stratford-upon-Avon since January 2009.

The two Young Peopleís Shakespeare (YPS) productions created especially for children and families are 'Hamlet', directed by Tarell Alvin McCraney, and 'The Comedy of Errors' (in association with Told by an Idiot), directed by Paul Hunter.

The RSC had a successful Histories Season at the Roundhouse Theatre in 2008, and will once again construct a specially built thrust stage with a 750 seat auditorium wrapped around it, within the columns of the iconic Roundhouse.
The auditorium emulates Stratfordís temporary 1000 seat Courtyard Theatre where the productions originate and which is the template for what will be the new configuration of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre stage, due to reopen in late 2010.

Dates of the six full-scale productions are...

'Romeo & Juliet', directed by Rupert Goold.
Opens in repertoire 2nd Dec 2010.
Previews 30th Nov thru 1st Jan 2011.

'Antony and Cleopatra', directed by Michael Boyd.
Opens in repertoire 10th Dec 2010.
Previews from 8th Dec thru 30th Dec 2010.

'The Winter's Tale', directed by David Farr.
Opens in repertoire 16th Dec 2010.
Previews from 14th Dec thru 1st Jan 2011.

'Julius Caesar', directed by Lucy Bailey.
Opens in repertoire 6th Jan 2011.
Previews from 10th Jan thru 5th Feb 2011.

'As You Like It', directed by Michael Boyd
Opens in repertoire 17th Jan 2011.
Previews from 13th Jan thru 5th Feb 2011.

'King Lear', directed by David Farr
Opens in repertoire 25th Jan 2011. Previews from 21st Jan thru 4th Feb 2011

RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11
Updated On: 6/21/10 at 05:23 PM
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RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11#2
Posted: 6/22/10 at 5:15am
What's the Roundhouse like when the RSC use it? Is it a good venue for them? (Asking anyone who saw the Histories, basically!)

I'll definitely see Romeo and Juliet again, and probably Caesar or The Winter's Tale.
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RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11#2
Posted: 6/22/10 at 6:40am
The Roundhouse is my happy place. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 It's basically like someone's picked up the innards of the Courtyard and dumped 'em in a big ol' brick cylinder. It has a charming temporary feel about the structure itself (er, but not in a "s*** is this going to collapse?!" way XD) but is otherwise much along the same lines as the Courtyard. I don't want to say it's completely identical, but I'm thinking hard and I don't remember any real differences once you get into your seats and are staring at the stage.

I'll have seen all the major productions in Stratford by the time winter rolls around, but I reckon I loved The Winter's Tale enough for a repeat visit, and I might think about getting around to the YPS Hamlet and Comedy of Errors, but I've never found myself hugely drawn to them so it may not happen. I guess I'll know by September which ones I totally want to see again! XD
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RSC At The Roundhouse - Winter 2010/11#3
Posted: 6/22/10 at 5:43pm
I saw De La Guarda at the Roundhouse and it was an extraordinary experience. I'd love to catch King Lear there on my next London outing if I can make it in time.
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