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My positive review of Julie Andrews!

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My positive review of Julie Andrews!#1
Posted: 5/10/10 at 3:04pm
Sorry to start a new thread but i've a feeling this review will sound a little different to others!

I attended The Gift of Music on saturday and although I am only 16 I was fully aware that Miss Andrews was not going to have the staggering voice that she once had. That aside the evening (for me) was wonderful.

As the audince sat down I felt a rush of excitement as the Orchestra tuned up. Does anyone else think thats a wonderful sound? Even more wonderful was their rendition of the Sound of Music overture which plays over the Panorama of Austria. Miss Andrews was right when she said a symphony orchestra grabs you like a comfy chair.

I accept she didn't sing as much as people though but she certainly has the same distinctive rich voice which was particualrly noted in "Getting to Know You" - I just loved it. I actually liked the fact she choose songs from the other R&H shows. Now I can say i've heard more from her!

Still funny-"Lets just sing the blummin song" and being ignored by the South Pacific dame hunters! She was a lively strict Fairy Godmother. Rarely do you hear the R&H songs with an orchestra like that-a good evenings entertainment topped off with Miss Andrews input.

I personally liked Simeon's Gift. I thought "Gifts" at the end was particularly powerful especially as Miss Andrews joined in.

I just want to stick up for her and the show a bit. She has given so much and although some may be disappointed I had "One Special Night."
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My positive review of Julie Andrews!#2
Posted: 5/10/10 at 3:12pm
The RPO were simply stunning. Beautiful.