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Corin Redgrave -

Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Corin Redgrave -#1
Posted: 4/6/10 at 10:56am
Sad news today of the death of the actor Corin Redgrave - son of Michael, Brother of Vanessa, husband of Kika Markham, father of Jemma...

He will be missed.

RIP Corin - x
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Corin Redgrave -#2
Posted: 4/6/10 at 11:10am
Corin Redgrave -
Another loss for great Redgrave dynasty. Best wishes to this wonderful family.

Corin Redgrave is perhaps the least known of the famous acting Redgraves. He is the middle brother to Lynn and Vanessa, the son of the late Sir Michael.
Mr. Redgrave made his initial trip to Broadway in 1963 as an aristocratic young pilot in 'Chips With Everything', Arnold Wesker's play about class divisions among a group of Royal Air Force cadets. After that transfer from the Royal Court Theater in London, he dropped from the view of New York theatergoers, devoting much time at home to left-wing politics.
He was often joined in his crusades by Vanessa, who is two years his senior. But whereas Vanessa Redgrave fought to advance both her political views and her eminent career, Mr. Redgrave could for many years be found beating the drum for the Socialist Labor League or the Workers' Revolutionary Party, rather than playing Hamlet, Antony, Vanya or any of his distinguished father's other signature roles.
He returned to Broadway in 1999 and received a Tony Award nomination as Boss Whalen in Tennessee Williams's 'Not About Nightingales', for which he had won an Olivier Award in London. Ben Brantley in The New York Times called his performance 'outsize, satanic'.
Mr. Redgrave has also been acclaimed in London in productions of plays by Martin Sherman: 'Some Sunny Day', 'The General From America'. and Noel Coward's, 'A Song At Twilight', and has been seen onscreen as Sir Walter Elliot in 'Persuasion' and as Hamish whom Andie MacDowell married in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'.

He was 70 and is survived by his wife Kika Markham, daughter actress Jemma Redgrave and three sons.

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