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Get Into London Theatre Extended to 26 March 2010

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 6/1/08
Phantom of London Profile Photo
Phantom of London
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 3/26/08
Wow, did not expect this news, good news in a way, but hope this offer is not because theatre is suffering through recession.

They don't happen to have tickets for Love Never Dies? lol
Mister Matt Profile Photo
Mister Matt
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 5/17/03
Great news, except there are no offers for the one weekend I'll be in London. Figures.
"What can you expect from a bunch of seitan worshippers?" - Reginald Tresilian
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 9/28/08
Anyone fancy anything this Monday????
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 4/20/05
I would but I've got to go to a rehearsal since just replaced our MD for this upcoming cabaret and I haven't met him yet...