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Nation - anyone seen it yet?

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Nation - anyone seen it yet?#1
Posted: 11/27/09 at 4:41am
Juust wondering if anyone had been to see the National's latest big Christmas show? The marriage of Pratchett and Ravenhill sounded intriguing, but the reivews haven't been glowing...
Review 'highlights' (BBC)

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re: Nation - anyone seen it yet?#2
Posted: 11/27/09 at 12:15pm
I'm going next week- will report back
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re: Nation - anyone seen it yet?#2
Posted: 11/27/09 at 2:39pm
I saw it last Friday and whilst very good it had it's flaws. It was a tad too long, felt it dragged abit, and I don't know it just didn't grab me very well.

I LOVED the parrot and animals and the underwater scenes but alot of moments seemed to slow down the play un-necessarily.
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re: Nation - anyone seen it yet?#3
Posted: 11/27/09 at 6:09pm
It had some visually breath-taking moments, and the cast did the best they could (if you're anything like EVERYONE ELSE, you'll be almost obsessed with how good Jason Thorpe is as the parrot XD), but all in all lacked clarity and depth. I got a 10 offer, and was happy enough with what I got, but it got a little frustrating to watch it and think "ah, see, I can see what I'm seeing onstage here, and I can tell that this bit must have been really indepth and brilliant in the book. What a shame it isn't here...". The ladies behind me left at the interval. They were quite good-natured about it; they hadn't hated what they'd seen, they just figured they'd got pretty much everything they were going to be able to get out of it.

The cheaper your ticket, the more forgiving you'll feel, and the more you'll get on with it. I had low expectations and wasn't feeling great anyway, so it was a pleasant enough way to wile away a few midweek hours. But it could have been SO MUCH MORE, and it's almost certainly not going to stick with me beyond "hey, remember that time the National did a play where the protagonists sucked milk from a giant pig's teats onstage?".
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re: Nation - anyone seen it yet?#4
Posted: 11/28/09 at 1:58am
I saw it on Press Night and though there were some really captivating effects & scenes, the play itself doesn't work. Very cheesy, not emotional enough and the whole thing was alittle bit... weird. Not sure how to describe it. Everything was fine, but I guess it was the script that was the problem... just simply tellin a story, nth else ~
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