Flawbored's IT'S A MOTHERF**KING PLEASURE Transfers To London's West End

Performances run Monday 24 April - Saturday 13 May 2023 at the Soho Theatre.

Flawbored's IT'S A MOTHERF**KING PLEASURE Transfers To London's West End

Usually disabled people are just trying to do the right thing. But what if they weren't? What if they were out to make as much money as possible from non-disabled, anxious people (like you)?

Flawbored arrive at Soho Theatre this spring following a short critically acclaimed sell-out VAULT Festival 2023 run of their brilliant, self-aware, intersectional satire It's a Motherf**king Pleasure.

Someone at large PR company RIZE (yes, spelled with a Z) has 'done an ableism'...very publicly. At the behest of non-disabled HR manager Helen Richardson (Chloe Palmer) all staff are required to undergo training on how to support disabled people.

Weaponising RIZE's able-anxiety, disabled talent manager Tim (Samuel Brewer) strives to make disability an experiential brand where disabled voices should represent disabled voices. Otherwise, that's still ableist, right? Using the malleable, fame-hungry triple threat Ross (Blind, Gay & Brown), Tim begins to manipulate those around him. Together, he and Ross (Aarian Mehrabani) push to make disability the next cultural cachet people scramble for.

What has been the main way that publicity companies like ours have made money in the last five years? Trailblazers, and their lived experiences.

Colin Kaepernick

Elliot Page

Greta Thunberg

But what's difficult about these people? What's turning their quest for inclusion, somehow, into exclusion?

Simple, we can't all be black, we can't all be trans, we can't all be children.

But we can all be Disabled.

Developed with a healthy dose of scepticism and unhealthy serving of cynicism It's a Motherf**king Pleasure examines ableism and the fetishisation of identity through the first hand experiences of disabled people.

FlawBored said: "It's a Motherf**king Pleasure is a fully accessible show. Well we think it is. We're attempting to make it completely accessible. We've definitely spent a lot of (some might say too much) money on it. John the captioner hasn't slept in a month. Utilising integrated audio description and captions, we're going to accommodate the needs of every hypothetical audience member, without even knowing or asking what they might be. That's good right? We're the good people?"

It's a Motherf**king Pleasure is directed by JMK Winner Josh Roche (sell-out VAULT show Orlando) with design by Cara Evans (Living Newspaper, Royal Court), video by Dan Light (OFFIE Finalist for Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon, Southwark Playhouse) sound by Calum Perrin (OFFIE Finalist for Ten Days in a Madhouse, Jack Studio Theatre) and lighting by Alex Musgrave (Home, Chichester Festival Theatre).

Awarded the Greenwich Theatre Award 2022 in partnership with Les Enfants Terribles; an idea originating from Wildcard/Watermill Theatre's Launchpad programme, Seed Commissioned by Camden People's Theatre and further developed through their residency at Theatre Deli. FlawBored are also Pleasance Associate Artists 2023-25 (These accolades are serious. They have actually won them).

Produced by neurodivergent company ASYLUM Arts.

Company Information

Written and Performed by Samuel Brewer, Aarian Mehrabani, and Chloe Palmer

Original Concept by Samuel Brewer

Directed and Dramaturgy by Josh Roche Stage Manager Beatrice Galloway

Produced by ASYLUM Arts Video by Dan Light

Design by Cara Evans Lighting by Alex Musgrave

Sound by Calum Perrin Access Support Victoria Hoyle

Lighting Designer (VAULT) Abi Turner

Stage Manager (VAULT) Lauren Hastings


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