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BWW catches up with Ginger Johnson to chat about bringing Ginger Johnson's Happy Place to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us a bit about Ginger Johnson's Happy Place.

In a time when it's often hard to tell The Goodies from The Baddies, Ginger Johnson's Happy Place offers a ridiculous diversion from the increasing horror of everyday life and a sideways glimpse inside the mind of a woman on the edge of collapse... with puppets! It's like Sesame Street grew up, realised just how f-ed we all are, and fell face-first into an existential crisis. The Happy Place is where Ginger escapes to when things get too much to handle, but - when reality bites - she has a difficult decision to make. The stakes are high, the hair is even higher, and the letter of the day is 'A' for 'Arson'.

How long have you been performing drag?

This year marks a full ten years since I started shoving my feet into shoes that are two-sizes-too-small and showing-off for a living. In that time I've stormed onto just about every cabaret, theatre, and festival stage that'll have me, wielding a cheap handbag and an appetite for nonsense. For half of that time, I've been the resident MC for iconic dress-up party Sink The Pink, who are the barmy drag family I never asked for but totally adore. This is my first time bringing my own show up to the fringe and last month I played my first crematorium (yes, really!) so there's always something new to learn.

Who would you recommend comes to see the show?

Drag fans, sparkling queers, and anyone who has ever felt like running away to the woods.

...and who would you suggest maybe doesn't?

No TERFS. No tories.

What's next for you after the festival?

Once the Edinburgh smoke clears, I'm back with my favourite babes at Pleasance in London and Sink The Pink to present our soon-to-be-announced Christmas residency. Last year's How to Catch a Krampus was a SCREAM to make and I can't wait to be back with the same team to see what magic we can work this year. Watch this (outer) space!


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