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Coming all the way from Korea, Brush Theatre present the utterly beguiling follow-up to smash hit Woogie Boogie. DOODLE POP is 55 minutes of sheer delight in the form of animated live doodling, projections, mime, physical acting, shadow play and puppetry. Lee Heeae and Lee Seungeun Yeom, performers in this year's show, talked to BroadwayWorld about the show ahead of its Edinburgh Festival Fringe run.

Tell us a bit about Doodle Pop.

Doodle POP is about two friends going on their first adventure to the sea with their lovely turtle. They fill the blank and reform the stain. We create magic while two friends play with each other drawing and erasing on the blank space with black ink markers. It will stir up your imagination to see the various features coming into sight, all of a sudden. Doodle POP has its own musical score, inspired by the rhythm of Boogie Woogie. The jaunty piano and drum sounds accompany the mischievous onstage duo on their journey.

What techniques are used to tell the story?

Doodle POP is a multimedia drawing show. We combine hand drawing and projection to make doodling come alive. The whole adventure is presented on a big white board and all the mysterious creatures they encounter during the adventure appear and disappear with magic, created by projection.

What sets it apart from other children's shows at the festival?

It is quite erratic, so no one can anticipate what is coming next. While working on Doodle POP, we tried to be true to our impulse to draw and erase, rather than being bound by causality or probability. During the whole process, the audience can't stop making guesses and being captivated.

What's in it for the adults?

It will bring them back to memories of their childhood. The most important inspiration for the show came from the memory of scribbling in our own childhoods. We all had fun while scribbling on a small sketchbook and even on a wall. We remembered how those blank spaces inspired us and how exciting it was to fill every space with anything we could think of. There was no limitation and we didn't have to be a master of anything to scribble. It did not need a message to deliver, but we as children always ended up making our own story from the interaction between the blank space and our impulse to fill it with something. The adult audience members will rediscover that joy.

Doodle Pop is at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 31st Julyst - 25thh August (not 12thh or 19thh). Tickets and more information: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/doodle-pop

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