Is Mirvish ready to retire

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Is Mirvish ready to retire#1
Posted: 7/17/13 at 9:18pm
Mirvish is selling his fathers store and building condo`s is this the end of his Empire
Is Mirvish ready to retire#2
Posted: 7/19/13 at 6:45pm
Forget retiring, by getting rid of the Princess of Wales and Honest Ed's, David Mirvish is completely undoing his father's legacy in order to create his own with the Gehry condo towers. I don't understand why they are insisting on pushing forward when the condo market is falling apart. David was never a fan of theatre like his father was. This, their 50th season with a new production of Les Mis complete with the world's most in demand theatrical leading man (who happens to have grown up in Toronto) no less, should have been a huge celebration but it was met with only a press release. Not even the usual unveiling at one of the theatres. And for the 50th season, its very disappointing over all. Aladdin, Les Mis and Once I'm glad to see but other than that....

The city's theatre industry is in such back shape because of him so if David Mirvish wants to get out of the theatre business I will be more than happy to see him go. He can leave the PoW on his way out, though. Toronto needs more producers willing to bring us more original productions.