Performances will take place on May 20 and 21 at Safety Harbor Art and Music Center.

By: Apr. 18, 2023

Playwright Deborah Bostock-Kelley will be debuting Tapestry - A Weekend of Socially-Conscious Storytelling, three short one-acts, and two full-length plays written on May 20 and 21 at Safety Harbor Art and Music Center.

"There's magic in the Center's open-air theatre. I am so excited for us to be the first to debut live theatre in this beautiful space. I have never shied away from controversial and hard-hitting stories. With everything happening in our country today - our state today, it's essential to continue to speak out, especially women playwrights. Each of these short plays found success in theatre festivals across Tampa Bay. They were updated and brought together with the world debut of a full-length production, #NotOneMore, and a revised full-length Breast Advice," said Bostock-Kelley. "Tapestry only came together because I have such an incredible cast, stage manager, Powerstories Theatre as a sponsor, and the Center as our host."

Directed by Bostock-Kelley and stage managed by Laura Moch, the cast features local actors Elizabeth Behner, Angel Borths, Andrew Brunner, Victor Carr, and Kennedy Engasser. Molly-Dakota Ganong, Susan Lee Dearden, Hannah Hockman, Alexandra Hooker, Shannon Keever, Constantine Kyriakou, Analisa Martin, Sarah Munera, Megan Oliva, Chonesty Osborne, Newt Pantalones, Samantha Ponzillo, Madison Pulica, Amy C. Ragg, Amy Rochelle, Olivia Salgado Mancuso, Naomi Sample, Alexa Sheppard, Yvelisse Cedrez Wallace, and Judy Wilson round out the large cast.

Saturday's short plays and full-length play focus on social issues.

TTYL is about a conversation that explores the fragile relationship between mother and daughter. Sometimes, words not said are just as important as those that are.
Cradle Robber is about a gay couple's adoption of a newborn thwarted by homophobia.
my body. my voice. is a story of three women in crisis, in different stages of their lives during the overturn of Roe V Wade.

#NotOneMore is a dramatic production in two parts: BEFORE and AFTER, weaved together with a common thread. It takes an unflinching look at bullying, sexual violence, mental health, a school shooting, and the connection and trauma of the survivors left behind through a television news interview and a grief support group.

On Sunday, the 2022 Runner-Up for Broadway World Tampa Best New Play or Musical, Breast Advice, will return to the stage in a revised version. Breast Advice was called "the Vagina Monologues for boobs" in its workshop at Powerstories Theatre by the late theatre critic Joseph Parra. It comprises honest, funny, and serious monologues about breasts curated from social media. The setting is two busy, crowded dressing rooms with the casts preparing for a show.

"Our goal is to make you laugh and cry," said Bostock-Kelley. "We want to do for breasts what Eve Ensler did for vaginas."

Bostock-Kelley hopes that each one of the five plays ignites a conversation.

"Whether you agree or disagree with the subjects, I hope afterward, you are discussing the fantastic cast and the provocative topics that were brought up."

Tapestry - A Weekend of Socially-Conscious Storytelling will be at Safety Harbor Art and Music Center, 706 2nd St N, Safety Harbor, at 7 pm EST on Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21 at 530 pm EST. Tickets are $20 with an immediate $5 discount emailed for Sunday's performance. To learn more about Tapestry Plays or to purchase tickets, visit