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The Top Theater and Performing Arts Schools in South Korea

The list includes Seoul National University, Chung-Ang University, Seoul Institute of the Arts and more!

South Korea has a number of thriving performing arts institutions with esteemed alumni working on Broadway, touring theatre, local theatre, TV and film! Below, BroadwayWorld rounds up the top performing arts schools in South Korea. Check out the list below!

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Korea National University of Arts

Korea National University of Arts was established by law in 1993. In 1990, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea announced a 'Ten-Year Project for the Cultural Development,' and the foundation of a national arts institution was the crucial provision of this project. Until the early 1980s, in Korea, there was no specialized university that devoted its entire curriculum to artistic endeavors.

Therefore, many budding artists who wanted to continue their artistic search through professional trainings went abroad. The announcement of the foundation of the national university of arts in 1993 was thus the revelation and manifestation of artistic prosperity in Korea.

It is the only national university in Asia dedicated exclusively to preparing talented young artists for the professions of all artistic genres. Korea National University of Arts encompasses all disciplines of arts including music, dance, theatre, film, TV, animation, fine art, design, architecture, and Korean traditional arts.

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Seoul Institute of the Arts

Seoul Institute of the Arts (SeoulArts) is a South Korean arts university founded by Yoo Chi-Jin in 1962. The Ansan Campus was completed in February 2001 and is the designated centre of arts education, whilst the Namsan Campus is the center of art experience. SIA has 2400 students in 13 departments. It offers a three-year associate degree program as well as a four-year program for a bachelor's degree. The incumbent president of the university is Yoo Duk-Hyung.

Namsan Campus has Drama Center (Greek-style theater), art gallery, drama theater and film studio.

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Chung-Ang University

The School of Performing Arts and Media is home to faculties, students, and alumni who are exerting efforts in their fields to maintain the school's reputation as the academic institution that suggests an ideal model for the education of arts. The school aims to harness the synergistic effect of three different artistic genres such as writing, performing, and filming and become a leading art education institution in the digital era.

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Seoul National University

College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University has been a major cradle to train numerous artists, educators, and experts in the art scene who lead Korea's after-war cultural terrains. Located in this new century of emerging needs for novel forms of creativity and emotions, now art has become a central role in the field of cultural practices which perform creation of prospect for lives of our future and value of society. I would like to say that our main goal is to provide plans in order to widen art's cultural domain through interdisciplinary and fusion studies between art and other areas. And this is also to settle art firmly in the center of humanistic values in our life with emerging of new society. And we are preparing for various projects not only to connect art to many types of social phenomena, but also to promote multilateral art conferences and research activities to more encourage the exploration on life, culture and social values of upcoming new era.

In this introduction brochure, you will be able to find out our education philosophy, prospect and various activities. Specifically to this, we try to contain synthetically here College of Fine Arts' educational perspectives by summarizing and suggesting the direction of year 2011 graduates' works. I would like you to bring us your kind encouragement, continuous interest and favor on our members of College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University ceaselessly aiming upon the progressive, fusion and open education.

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Sungkyunkwan University

Newly established in 2001, the Department of Acting for Theater, Film & TV provides professional level of education in acting and directing, highly customized for individual needs. It offers curricula, not only for theatre, film and television, but also for various professional interests such as fashion/CF modeling, and TV/Radio anchoring and reporting. Our program also focuses on humanities in order to foster high intelligence and refinement for the future actors and directors in theatre, film and television.

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