Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

LOVElution's mini album features the single, "Girls' Capitalism" and is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music now!

By: Oct. 02, 2023
Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

After their debut in August, the latest subunit from the girl group, tripleS, have created their signature sound, released their debut mini-album, and embarked on their 1st US concert tour. This is an impressive feat as very few newly debuted K-Pop groups are able to accomplish that in such a short amount of time. TripleS also known as “SSS” or “Social Sonyo Seoul,” is South Korean girl group comprised of 24 members (with only 16 revealed so far as of August 2023) that rotate through group, subunit, and solo activities periodically. The concept of the group emphasizes that each member has a special ability, “S,” that is demonstrated through the “Dimension” with every new season that occurs. This plays into the meaning behind their group name encompassing the phrase, “the idol of all possibilities.” 

The group was formed by the company Modhaus with the intention making tripleS the  world’s 1st decentralized K-Pop idol group. Through an app called “Cosmo: The Gate” created by Modhaus Inc., fans have the ability to decide on the group’s upcoming lineups, sub-units, title tracks, and promotions through voting events called “Grand Gravities.” In order to cast a vote, each fan is required to have a COMO, which is a type of voting token obtained through purchasing objekts (types of photocard NFTs). 

Stepping into the spotlight is LOVElution, the 4th subunit of tripleS. As per the fan votes from the latest Grand Gravity event, the 8 members chosen for this release were: SeoYeon, HyeRin, YuBin, Kaede, DaHyun, Nien, SoHyun, and Xinyu. On August 17th, the group debuted with their 1st mini album, LOVElution <ↀ> (Muhan), featuring the single, “Girls’ Capitalism.” The music video for “Girls’ Capitalism” hit 10 million views on Youtube 2 days after its release and achieved over 460,000 streams on Spotify on its release day making it tripleS’ 2nd highest debut. The mini album contains eight new tracks including the song, “Complexity.” The song features background vocals from members SeoYeon and Dahyun and tells the story of the mixed feelings one can have at the start of a new relationship. 

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

Photo Credit: Modhaus

The lead single “Girls’ Capitalism,'' was produced by well-known producer EL CAPITXN and Vendors (Nano) who previously created the song “Generation '' for the previous tripleS subunit, Acid Angel from Asia. “Girls’ Capitalism'' brings forth the signature sound of tripleS higlighting a very recognizable “la la la” progression throughout the song. The catchy and addictive beat draws its listeners in immediately the same way the song “Generation” did. "Girls' Capitalism" has a slightly retro vibe to it while keeping urban beats which slots itself perfectly into the trends of today’s music scene. The chorus and dynamic energy of the song are also contributing factors to its well reception and success. As it can take several singles and albums for an artist to develop a certain recognizable sound, tripleS has done it very early in their career. Furthermore, the lyrics of the song convey a message of empowerment encouraging listeners to put themselves first by prioritizing their feelings and dreams to allow them to shine brightly in their lives. 

Last month, tripleS LOVElution began their 1st US concert tour entitled, Authentic. Starting in Atlanta and continuing on throughout this month, the group will visit several cities in the US to promote their new mini album. The group’s tour stops include: Chicago, New York, Tysons, Akron, Kansas City, Houston, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles. On behalf of BroadwayWorld, I had the chance to speak with tripleS LOVElution about their new music and current tour. Read the full interview below! 

It must be exciting finally debuting in the 4th subunit of tripleS: LOVElution. The last few months must have been busy preparing for your debut and now your upcoming tour. How does it feel to be a part of tripleS LOVElution? 

Nien: It feels great to finally debut in tripleS as the subunit LOVElution. I’m happy to have performed on music shows and now embark on a tour to the US! We are spending the days doing our busy schedules and tour rehearsals. It’s tiring but definitely worth it.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

Nien of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

Your breakout song, Girls’ Capitalism, dropped last month with the music video for it gaining close to 6 million views in the first 24 hours of it being released! One of the most special parts of the music video was how much all of you had in it. What was your favourite part of filming the music video? 

DaHyun: Our music video has currently surpassed 13 million views thanks to the fans. I’d like to thank all of the fans who watched our music video. My favorite part of the music video is definitely the scene where we danced under the rain. It was tiring but so much fun to jump around without worries with my members.

SoHyun: I remember the scene with the teddy bears. The sped up scene looks like a lot of fun, but in reality it was a struggle moving around all of the bears around me.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

DaHyun of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

To follow up on the previous question, was was the most difficult part of filming the music video for Girls’ Capitalism? 

SeoYeon: The music video shoot was 2 days long which was the hardest part, but being able to film it with the members made up for everything.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

SeoYeon of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

Girls’ Capitalism is being praised for many reasons with one of them being the message that is brought forth within the lyrics of the song. With emphasis on self-love, confidence, and the desire to shine brightly creating one’s own sense of beauty, the song and music video set a great example and send a good message to your fans. What advice would you give someone who is still trying to find their own identity and place in the world? 

SoHyun: I think life is the process of learning about yourself. There is no definite answer to life. I think it’s important to have time for yourself to make your own standards. Discovering who I am, especially facing my pain and loneliness, is the moment when I can start to find my own beauty by accepting myself for who I am. Be(you)tiful with us! 

Xinyu: I’m the only person who can love me the most. If you’re not confident, act like you are till you really are confident. Tell yourself that you are a princess, goddess, and queen … then you’ll build that confidence! 

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

SoHyun of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

You have many catchy B-sides on the album including, “Black Seoul Dress,” “Seoul Sonyo Sound,” “Cry Baby,” “Speed Love,” and more. What would you say is your favourite B-side and why? 

SeoYeon: I love all the tracks, but I'm into ‘Speed Love’ these days. It shows a different vibe compared to the other tracks and I got into the song due to its addictive melody that’s my style. 

HyeRin: I like ‘Speed Love’ the most because it’s a catchy song and the part that has an explosive chorus and feels refreshing.

YuBin: I like ‘Cry Baby’ because of its fun melody. I also like this song because it showcases all of our hard work that we put into our challenging recording sessions.

Kaede: ‘Seoul Sonyo Sound’ is my favourite because it transports me into a fantasy world upon hearing it.

DaHyun: I love all the songs, but I treasure ‘Cry Baby’ the most! The title of the song gives a dark impression, but it is actually a bright and hopeful song that consoles you.

Nien: I like the rhythm and lyrics from ‘Speed Love.’ I imagine the scenario of girls falling in love while listening to the song.

SoHyun: ‘Complexity’ is my type of song. The lyrics express the complex and egoistic thoughts of love and I like my part which says,  “I’ll follow my instincts and heart, don’t stop.” 

Xinyu: I like ‘Complexity’ the most due to its melody. The choreography is pretty too.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

Xinyu of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

Being a newly debuted girl group entering the 5th generation of K-Pop must be exciting! Were there any groups or artists that inspired you to pursue becoming an idol? 

SeoYeon: All artists are amazing and have aspects to learn from but BLACKPINK, who recently went on tour, are such cool artists. They have been showcasing amazing songs and performances for years and many people listen and  dance to their songs. They are the coolest artists in my opinion.

HyeRin: BLACKPINK and f(x) have a cool aura and the way they present themselves on stage made me want to become an idol.

YuBin: Apink!

Kaede: I have followed many artists since elementary school, but BLACKPINK inspired me to follow my dreams. 

DaHyun: I grew up listening to Taeyeon’s voice. She is also the reason why I wanted to become an idol! I want to become a singer who brings happiness and consoles their listeners just like her.

Nien: I wanted to debut after seeing Girls’ Generation perform. I’ll do my best to perform as amazingly as them.

Xinyu: I want to become like BLACKPINK and become global idols like them.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

Kaede of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

You will be embarking on the AUTHENTIC US TOUR this month with the 1st stop being in Atlanta. What are you planning/ want to show your fans this tour? 

HyeRin: It is our first tour, so I want to show the audience everything I have. I want to show energetic performances and have lots of fun with everyone present. I also want to shower the fans with love as they support us so much everyday.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

HyeRin of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

What should tripleS LOVElution fans look forward to when they come see you on tour? 

YuBin: Everything! The fans will be able to listen to many of our songs and look forward to performances they’ve never seen before from us. It’ll definitely be enjoyable not only for the fans, but also for us to showcase our talents as well! 

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour!

YuBin of tripleS LOVElution. Photo Credit: Modhaus

tripleS LOVElution’s debut mini album, LOVElution <ↀ> (Muhan) is available now to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, their Authentic 2023 USA Tour is happening now with their next stop in Tysons at the Capital One Hall on October 3rd. For more information about their tour and to buy tickets to any of their tour stops, visit the link below! 

tripleS LOVElution’s Authentic 1st US tour dates are as followed

September 24th in Atlanta at the Tabernacle 

September 28th in Chicago (Changed to a Mini-Fanmeet) 

October 1st in New York at the Town Hall 

October 3rd in Tysons at the Capital One Hall 

October 5th in Akron at the Goodyear Theater 

October 7th in Kansas City at the Uptown Theater 

October 9th in Houston at the Bayou Music Center 

October 11th in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Auditorium 

October 14th in Los Angeles at the Pasadena Civic Center 

This interview was done with the assistance of a Korean translator. 

Top Photo Credit: Modhaus 


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