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The Lights Photos

by BWW News Desk - Oct 12, 2020
A man comes to the window.  Behind him, a shadowy figure appears and grows larger as it approaches.
by Shari Barrett - Oct 11, 2020
As one of the lucky October-born people, the celebration of Halloween has always been a very important occasion for me as it is just a handful of days after my birthday. Growing up enjoying playing dress-up at this time of year always brought out my imagination into the realm of spirits, goblins, and how I just assumed they lived together with us in this world. So at this time of year, I have always wanted to attend the annual GHOSTWALK an in the streets production held in Santa Paula which brings to life encounters with local sprits who share the history of unique locations in the lovely quaint town. And now virtually I have - and so should you!
by Shari Barrett - Sep 11, 2020
Combining her television and stage experience has led Lesley and her husband Ned Mochel to create the podcast, 'Pretty Little Wine Moms,' producing new episodes every Wednesday. Lesley hosts the show along with her 'Pretty Little Liars' co-stars and friends Holly Marie Combs and Nia Peeples. But it isna??t your ordinary podcast. During each installment, the trio break down a complete episode of the fan-favorite TV series for listeners, revealing little-known facts and behind-the-scenes tidbits during each episode, which also includes an in-depth interview with special guests from the series and a quiz show testing everyonea??s knowledge of the episode.
by Shari Barrett - Sep 8, 2020
The first play in the series was IT HAD TO BE YOU, written by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, on Sunday, September 6 at 6pm. This delightful comedy, directed by Gary Kresca, shares a fantasy story created by Theda Blau (Jessica Plotin), a failed actress, health food nut, and would-be playwright who wants to find love and success in New York. After an audition, the totally unprepared Theda meets Vito Pignoli (Steve Oreste), a hugely successful TV commercial director who had been sitting quietly in the booth listening to her jabber uncontrollably, her flighty nature both a turn-on and turn-off.
by Cindy Sibilsky - Sep 1, 2020
All of these companies were planning to premiere their works live in the U.S. this year but shifted to adapt. One takeaway is clear, the continent of Africa is producing some of the most exciting and innovative dance worldwide while remaining true to their roots. From Africa at Battery Dance Festival is available to watch online through August 30.
by Shari Barrett - Aug 10, 2020
As the last reading in their online Play-at-Home series of free online theatrical experiences, all designed to entertain our community during the stay-at-home orders, Torrance Theatre Company presented GOOD PEOPLE, written by David Lindsay-Abaire and directed by Sasha Stewart Miller on Sunday, August 9 The production was originally scheduled to be seen onstage in the middle of March 2020 at the groupa??s intimate theater, located at 1316 Cabrillo Ave. in downtown Torrance, until COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the show just prior to its opening. The original as well as the online presentation featured cast members, Danielle Montreal, Melodie S. Rivers, Don Schlossman, Christine Seibert, Johnathan Strand, and Wendy Way.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 7, 2020
The Donmar Warehouse has reopened temporarily from 1 to 22 August with a socially distanced sound installation – Blindness, based on the dystopian novel by Nobel-prize winning José Saramago, adapted by Simon Stephens and directed by Walter Meierjohann.
by BWW News Desk - May 7, 2020
Netflix has released a first look at The Old Guard, premiering on the streamer July 10, 2020.
by Shari Barrett - May 2, 2020
This Spotlight focuses on Selah Victor, an actor and former Production Manager of Actors Co-op Theater Company in Hollywood whose next very personal production is due later this year. And while the a?oewait is on,a?? Selah is sharing her musical comedy talents by creating clever and very relevant a?oesafe at homea?? videos on YouTube. So, with a toddler at home as well as a new addition to her family on the way, how is she fueling her creativity at home and sharing it with others?
by BWW News Desk - Feb 26, 2020
Just last week, the Eastern Caribbean got a great big dose of Broadway when Seth's Big Fat Broadway Cruise took over the Celebrity Equinox. Broadway favorite Seth Rudetsky was joined by Beth Leavel, Christine Pedi an Lillias White for an exotic cruise from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan, Nassau and more! Now Seth looks back on favorite moments from this latest Caribbean adventure!
by BWW News Desk - Jan 27, 2020
Rehearsal images are today released for Revenge, which begins its UK tour at Greenwich Theatre on 6th February.
by Shari Barrett - Jan 25, 2020
At the center of his play is the Matera family, soon to get together for a very special SUNDAY DINNER in that their son Michael (James Tabeek), a young priest in the Chicago Archdiocese, is returning to his parents' home in the Bronx after his grandfather dies. And just as Jewish mother would “qvell” about her son being a doctor, no doubt a Catholic mother would love to brag about her son being a priest. So of course when we first meet the family's matriarch Rose (Sharron Shayne) and her sister Margaret (Michele Schultz) as they are preparing the table for what they expect will be an interesting gathering, we soon learn because so many family members will be there with lots of past history, emotional reactions are bound to be ignited.
by Lydia Baxter - Jan 25, 2020
by BWW News Desk - Jan 24, 2020
It is Victorian London, 1888. Dr Henry Jekyll, a brilliant and respected scientist - shy and unassuming - is content with his reputation as a moral, upright citizen. Or so it would seem. Frustrated by his dull normalcy and intrigued by the notion of the “dual nature of man”, Jekyll secretly creates a formula to unleash his hidden, bestial nature. Edward Hyde is born! The brutish, magnetic Hyde indulges in drink and debauchery while Jekyll's life of propriety continues – until Hyde's passions begin to turn up a body count.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 14, 2020
Get a first look at American TV regular and Broadway veteran Jason Kravits on his return to London's The Crazy Coqs for a star-studded, week-long residency, of his critically acclaimed, jaw-dropping, completely improvised solo evening of music and comedy, 'Off The Top.' Ruth Bratt of Showstopper The Improvised Musical was his first guest star.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 13, 2020
Off-Broadway's Good Morning New York opened Saturday night at the Players Theatre.
by Rosanna Liuski - Jan 13, 2020
All in all Annie is fairly good musical full of surprises, not to mention its humane approach to life: Magical things can happen to us, but if the little details you've longed for so long don't match, it's more than okay to feel sad, though it might feel wrong in the first hand. In the end, tomorrow's only a day away anyways. I love you, tomorrow... And I love you, Vaskivuori!
by BWW News Desk - Nov 21, 2019
Rehearsals are underway for the Off-Broadway premiere of Good Morning New York. The musical comedy begins performances January 9, 2020 at the Players Theatre. The musical follows a group of success-starved journalists at a struggling news station.
by Larisa Amaya-Baron - Nov 6, 2019
I had the privilege of interviewing Robin de Levita, mastermind of the 360 StageAround technology, about coming to Japan and why he felt it was important to create a new live theater experience for the world. The most inspiring thing he told me was that Arts Education deserves support and respect from the government. The impact of theater on our youth is huge! 'When kids come to the theater, their phones are switched off. The lights go down. The performance is life and alive. The impact is huge.' The Japanese cast will take over West Side Story in 3 Seasons, starting from November 6th, 2019 and running through January 13th, 2020. This article gives you all the links, and a youtube video!
by Valerie-Jean Miller - Oct 30, 2019
Based on the iconic novel by George Orwell, a?oe1984a?? is the story of Winston Smith, who has come to the attention of the state of Oceania, the authoritarian state. Initially written in 1949, meaning that it was projecting 35 years into the future at that time, it is uncanny, that, 35 years later, it is being presented yet once again, and, terrifyingly, it is probably more relevant than ever before. With the brutal soul-searching, diary-exposing help of four Party Members of a?oeThe Ministry of Truth,a?? and a maiming stun gun, Winston is forced to confess his Thoughtcrimes before an unseen questioner, and the audience (surrounding the square stage in the middle on all four sides; it's almost as if they are secretly witnesses and jury) is up close and personal witnessing the torture and depredation being dealt to Mr. Smith.