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Ann - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Holland Taylor Playwright
Marcy Adelman Producer
Rich Affannato Producer
Kevin Bailey Executive Producer
Colleen Barrett Associate Producer
Nancy T. Beren Producer
Andre Bishop Producer
(Artistic Director, Lincoln Center Theater)
Zachary G. Borovay Projection Designer
Bob Boyett Producer
Lary Brandt Producer
Emily Conner Producer
Jon Cryer Producer
Amy Danis Producer
Aimee B. Dombo Associate Scenic Designer
Brian J. Dorsey Producer
Jane Dubin Producer
Michael Fagin Scenic Designer
Faith Gay Producer
Bernard Gersten Producer
(Executive Producer, Lincoln Center Theater)
Kate Hathaway Producer
Ken Huncovsky Sound Designer
Paul Huntley Wig Design & Fabrication
Mark Johannes Producer
Lisa Joyner Producer
Bonnie Levinson Producer
101 Productions, Ltd. General Manager
Matthew Richards Lighting Designer
Campbell Spencer Producer
Patrick Terry Producer
Allison Thomas Producer
Jack Thomas Producer
Julie Weiss Costume Designer