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My Little Friend - 1913 - Broadway


New Amsterdam Theatre (Broadway)

(New York, NY)
214 West 42nd St.
by Pat Cerasaro - Sep 5, 2011
Never more apparent than at this very moment in history, the operatic emotions, over-the-top theatrics and outrageous outspokenness of the 1983 SCARFACE, new on Blu-ray this week, burst forth from screens both large and small, depending on your preferred venue. And, with the fiery, ferocious fearlessness that Brian DePalma so astutely and assuredly weaves his web of debauchery and demons of the soul, heart and mind with - its apotheosis residing in Al Pacino's legendary essaying of the title role - the world finally seems ready to see SCARFACE for what it really is: a classic American film. No, there are not many modern day classics and there certainly have not been over the last thirty years since its release, but SCARFACE is unquestionably now part of the great pantheon of American films - just as much as CITIZEN KANE, CABSABLANCA and THE GODFATHER before it - and with Fathom's re-release of the film in movie theaters for one night only last week, the impact of the film as felt in its true artistic home was something akin to transcendental. Indeed, I was lucky enough to check out the HD print in a showing in Ithaca, NY, last week, which was also accompanied by an ultra-informative and revealing behind-the-scenes look at the production and subsequent legacy of the near-thirty-year-old film which is also available in an even more expanded form on the new Blu-ray - including new interviews with Brian DePalma, Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia, Martin Bregman, as well as comments from fellow filmmakers and fans like Eli Roth (who shares a particularly hilarious anecdote about reciting Lopez's monologue for classmates in sixth grade). The new Blu-ray is packed to the brim with Special Features - including this brand new hour-long making-of documentary to go along with the hours of bonuses ported over from many of the prior DVD releases. Yet, above all of these other virtues, the reason you must own SCARFACE on Blu-ray is not just because the HD remastering of the image is pristine, the 7.1 sound is perfect and the Special Features are overwhelmingly enjoyable, but - most of all - it is because SCARFACE is American movie-making at its finest - and most emotionally, visually and outwardly operatic. It sings. And stings. And zings. And, bring it - all.
by - Oct 18, 2013
On the next episode of ABC's SCANDAL titled "Say Hello to My Little Friend", with Pope & Associates still struggling to find clients, the team decides to take on a philandering senator who enjoys taking photos of his not so public areas.
by Caryn Robbins - Oct 12, 2015
JULIEN'S AUCTIONS announces property from the Golden Closet Archives - a historic opportunity to own some of Hollywood's mos famous costumes and props.
by Tyler Peterson - May 3, 2013
According to Deadline, Al Pacino has officially walked away from DESPICABLE ME 2 - which is set to hit theaters in only two months.
by Heather Vollman - Mar 22, 2017
The curtain set sail as the orchestra led an overture riddled with recognizable tunes. Two rows behind me, an adorable little girl clad in turquoise fins and a long red wig bounced up and down in her seat, eager for the show to begin. From behind a brilliantly dressed proscenium, Diana Huey popped out through playful bubbles, singing "This is where I belong!" to open the 5th Avenue Theatre's touring production of Disney's The Little Mermaid. Huey, who leads as Ariel, is absolutely accurate in her first lines. Masterfully assuming the role of the stubborn little mermaid with a show-stopping voice, Huey is joined by a stellar cast of theatrical strength.
by Caryn Robbins - Mar 18, 2014
NBC presents quotables from THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON, March 10 -14th.
by Tyler Peterson - Jul 23, 2013
Profiles in History, run by Joe Maddalena, is proud to announce that a collection of iconic cultural memorabilia will be up for sale at their Hollywood Auction, July 28th and July 29th in Los Angeles. Also of important note, Profiles in History's Milton Greene Collection auction is this Saturday, July 27th. It will have over 75,000 photographs and negatives, of those, 4,000 are Marilyn Monroe, all going with copyright. Tuesday, July 30th, is the auction of the Dreier Collection Part II, followed by their Animation Auction on Wednesday, July 31st. Highlights from the Hollywood Auction are listed below.
by Nicole Rosky - Dec 14, 2010
'WEEKEND UP DATE' ANCHOR SETH MEYERS - 'Many democrats were upset this week with President Obama, saying that he failed to negotiate with the Republicans on extending the Bush-era tax cuts and that he caved in on raising taxes on the rich. Man, if other democrats think you caved, you really caved. That's like the chess club president calling you a nerd.'
by Caryn Robbins - Dec 13, 2012
Eddie Redmayne, star of LES MISERABLES, stopped by the 'Today' show on NBC this morning to chat about the audition process for his role in the film. Check out the appearance below!