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Audition Songs For Children and Teenagers

Here's a list of age-appropriate songs to get your wheels turning if you are feeling stuck on what to sing.

Audition Songs For Children and Teenagers

Calling all tweens and teens! Performers come in all shapes, sizes, AND ages, so I think it's time we take a minute to put together a list of twenty great audition songs for those actors going to a musical theatre audition who are looking for songs for kids or those in high school. Take this time in your life to pick songs you love, relate to, and can perform! Here's a list of age-appropriate songs to get your wheels turning if you are feeling stuck on what to sing. Break legs!

Audition Songs For Children

Songs For Children Eight and Under

If you are under the age of eight and already auditioning that is already impressive to the people casting, so make sure you sing something you know all the words to and that you love a whole lot! Some good choices would be:

Anything Disney - "Part of That World", "When You Wish Upon A Star", "Beauty and the Beast", "Just Can't Wait to Be King", etc. "Castle on a Cloud" is also always a safe choice.

Any song you love - When you are this age they want to make sure you can perform in front of people without being too nervous, and they want to make sure you can carry a tune. So if singing a song makes you feel confident, sing it!

Songs for Children Eight to Twelve

This age group probably has the greatest difference in songs, because some twelve year olds could still play eight year olds and others could play sixteen year olds. Pick a song that feels right for you and that showcases what ages you could reasonably be asked to play. Here's a list with a full range of age-appropriate material.

"Quiet" - Matilda

"Good Girl Winnie Foster" - Tuck Everlasting

"Everlasting" - Tuck Everlasting

"Water in the Well" - Violet

"If Only You Would Listen" - School of Rock

"The Place Where the Lost Things Go (Reprise)" - Mary Poppins Returns

"Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun" - A Christmas Story

"Electricity" - Billy Elliot

"Edelweiss" - The Sound of Music

"Ring of Keys" - Fun Home

"My New Philosophy" - A Good Man Charlie Brown

Audition Songs for Teenagers

Teens definitely don't have it the easiest when it comes to picking audition material, because honestly not many roles are written for real teens to play. Many times adult actors will be hired to play teen roles because minor labor laws are a pain, BUT there are obviously a few exceptions to that rule. Here are some great songs written with teens in mind that you could definitely bring in to an audition. Just remember, if you are choosing a song to sing, make sure you know the meaning behind the song as well as all the lyrics and notes!

"Picture Show" - Parade

"Puzzlement (Reprise)" - The King and I

"Dead Mom" - Beetlejuice (perfect for teen girls!)

"Try Me" - She Loves Me

"Bye Room" - John & Jen

"Live Out Loud" - A Little Princess

"Proud of Your Boy" - Aladdin

"Almost There" - The Princess and the Frog

"Dance With You" - The Prom

"What It Means To Be A Friend" - 13 the Musical

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