THRICE! Comes to Pratidhwani This Month

The production will run September 23rd through October 1st.

By: Sep. 12, 2023
THRICE! Comes to Pratidhwani This Month

 Pratidhwani, a Seattle-area based organization of South Asian performing artists, presents an evening of unique theater, featuring three original stories, created and performed by three Indian women at Taproot Theatre's Isaac Studio in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. The production will run September 23rd through October 1st, with performances at 7:30 PM on Thursdays through Saturdays, and 2:00 PM matinees on Sundays.

The production comprises of the follow three plays:

The Elephant in the Room - A solo performance by Priyanka Shetty

Flow, Swim, Float!? - A solo performance by Aarti Tiwari

A Labyrinth and its Myriad Mirages - A solo performance by Divya Rajan

The Elephant in the Room 

"One-Woman Wonder" Priyanka Shetty’s The Elephant In The Room is a witty, dark comedy about just your typical Indian metalhead and software-engineer-turned-actor who must navigate life as an immigrant arriving in Trump's America. When Priyanka makes the bold move to defy her family by quitting her IT job and moving to the U.S. to pursue an acting career, things don’t quite turn out how she imagined. The play navigates Priyanka's real-life journey as she transitions from her deeply embedded roots in India to finding context and common ground in America. Gear up for a funny, tumultuous ride through immiscible cultures, unforgettable love, irreparable loss, and the desperation of not belonging anywhere.

Flow, Swim, Float!?

Individual yet universal Flow Swim Float?! is a witty and unapologetic interrogation into the intricacies of fitting into the world of social media. How far is too far and how much is too much! What happens when the lines between real vs reel are blurred?

Embark on this thrilling voyage of love, longing, dilemmas and belonging with Leher, a social media influencer as she finds herself into an unforeseen realm – a realm of shared connection, compassion, and truth – a truth that is hers, but perhaps, ours too. Initially conceived as part of Seattle Rep & Macha Theatre Works’ A Festival of Personal Stories, Flow Swim Float?! premiered at ACES festival 2023 in Seattle.

A Labyrinth and its Myriad Mirages. 

As children, we all wondered. We were all curious. As adults, we require structure and order, not just of ourselves, but of others too. What happens to the wonderment as we grow? They say curiosity kills the cat. Should we save the cat? Or should we endeavor to save our curiosity? Can there be magic even in the mundane, or must we remain trapped by the expectations the society has of us, or we have of ourselves? Divya Rajan invites the audience to find enchantment in the ordinary, and offers a choice to set her, and ourselves, free from the labyrinth in this very theatrical new work.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale. All tickets provide the same access to all patrons, regardless of the price point selected. Tickets available at Click Here


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Bailadores de Bronce Celebrates 50 Years in Seattle with Performances at the Moore Theatre

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Review: DISNEY'S THE LITTLE MERMAID at The 5th Avenue Theatre

In these tumultuous theatrical times, it’s of little surprise that The 5th Avenue Theatre would head back under the sea with a remount of “Disney’s The Little Mermaid”. I mean, they just did it back in 2016. But it’s a crowd pleaser and I suspect a bit of a cash sea cow so here we are. But I still contend that there are two shows here. There’s half of a show that has the story and songs from the late great Howard Ashman that we all remember from the movie, and half of a show where we do our best to enjoy a Glenn Slater lyric. But no matter which half of the show you’re faced with, at least we still get the luminous Diana Huey back as Ariel, the titular mermaid.

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