ReAct Theatre Presents ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER By Rajiv Joseph This Spring

A moving, timely comedy/ drama brought to life by two stellar local casts.

By: Feb. 09, 2024
ReAct Theatre Presents ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER By Rajiv Joseph This Spring

ReAct Theatre has announced the Seattle Premiere of Animals Out of Paper, by Rajiv Joseph, directed by Julie Beckman. 

A world-renowned reclusive origami artist, a high school Indian American prodigy, and his caring teacher -- each is broken in their own ways.  This timely story examines how the unfolding of isolated and lonely lives can get messy.  Pulitzer Prize winning writer Rajiv Joseph (Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) delivers a richly layered, poignant, and quirky comedy/drama that explores the transformative power of creativity and the healing power of connection.

Now in its 30th year of production, ReAct Theatre strives to explore the diversity of our community and produce innovative, quality theatrical entertainment through multi-ethnic and non-traditional casting.  ReAct returns to production at 12th Ave Arts with its first play since the pandemic. 

To provide more opportunities for local artists as well as provide coverage in case of actor illness, ReAct is rehearsing two casts for the performances, who will alternate performances. This innovative production model has been embraced by many theatres both locally and nationally.

Julie Beckman returns to 12th Ave Arts as a guest director at ReAct with a play that speaks to the heart.  In her 27th year in Seattle, Julie's recent directing credits include OR, with Theatre22 at Seattle Public Theater, A Christmas Carol (2021) at ACT Seattle, her own adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with Theatre22 at Seattle's Volunteer Park, along with a handful of plays at 12th Ave Arts including The Revolutionists, The Happiest Song Plays Last, and Annapurna with Theatre22.  In the Seattle area, she has also worked with Strawshop, Book-It, Sound Theatre, MAP, eSe Teatro, Latino Theatre Projects, Theater Schmeater, Athena Theatre Project, and Island Shakespeare Festival.

Animals Out of Paper is a richly layered, poignant, and quirky comedy/drama about origami experts that explores how life can get messy as it unfolds. When a world-renowned origami artist opens her studio to a high school, hip-hopping, prodigy folder and his teacher, they find surprising connection…and healing.