Review: SLEEPOVER, Just The Tonic at the Caves

Review of Sleepover at Edinburgh Fringe

By: Aug. 11, 2022
Edinburgh Festival
Review: SLEEPOVER, Just The Tonic at the Caves

Review: SLEEPOVER, Just The Tonic at the Caves Review: SLEEPOVER, Just The Tonic at the Caves

Sleepover is a musical about sexy time. More specifically, that amusing part of your youth where you have a half-drawn blueprint of what sex is, but the practicalities and details remain elusive.

Sorry to digress (and so hideously), but my contribution to the canon of age-related-mistruths around sex is that I first heard about fingering from two 13-year-old boys who thought you just had to place one finger 'in each hole' and just leave them there. Like you're a bowling ball... Anyway! Moving swiftly on...

Jenny, Anita and Nina are three immigrant teens diving head-first into their quest to understand The Deed. Aided by a trinket-y box full of questions (definitely NOT made by Jenny...), the three 17-year-olds exchange tips, tricks, and tit-flashes. Between the trio, they move towards something that almost resembles a beginner's guide to sex.

The script is delightfully juvenile, with the relationship between the three authentically bicker-some, and the songs carry sparks of hilarity. With a pretty short run-time, the musical feels all too brief. Because it has the potential to be wonderful, everything needs a little more time to breathe. There's one moment of heartbreak as Jenny sings about her only experience with anything sexual, which is not consensual. Yet it feels a little plonked into the show. Everything has the capacity to be wonderful, it just needs some air.

A strong cast with the funniest of bones and catchy tunes for miles (I'm still humming a song about pegging), Sleepover is a fruitful, snappy musical that we absolutely have not seen the last of.