Review: SHE WOLF, Assembly Roxy

Review of She Wolf at Edinburgh Fringe

By: Aug. 22, 2022
Edinburgh Festival
Review: SHE WOLF, Assembly Roxy

Review: SHE WOLF, Assembly Roxy Review: SHE WOLF, Assembly Roxy She Wolf captures the dark side of being a woman. It's the theatrical embodiment of the feeling of not being able to walk home without checking over your shoulder or holding a set of keys as a weapon between your fingers. It delicately walks the line between overreaction and hypervigilance, taking seriously the perceived sense of fear that women often feel as they go about their daily lives.

Edinburgh-based, Scottish playwright Isla Cowan's script is entrancing and otherworldly. We're with Maggie on a park bench in front of the wolf enclosure at a zoo, listening to the details of her life from the mundane to the sinister. Through job promotions and relationships, the quotidian takes a dark turn as Maggie's fear encroaches. To set this free, she becomes a Shewolf, morphing into the animal as she slowly abandons her human mannerisms.

Cowan performs Maggie with remarkable ferocity and intensity. She makes use of every minute of the show, inviting you into her fantasy whether you feel at home there or not.