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SFBATCO Presents Award-Winning Play I, TOO, SING AMERICA

In a class of its own, the show is for all audiences, who are ready for the soulful symphony of poetry, music, and movement that is I, TOO, SING AMERICA.

SFBATCO Presents Award-Winning Play I, TOO, SING AMERICA

SFBATCO'S AWARD-WINNING I, TOO, SING AMERICA, filled with inspiration, hope, and drama, gives a full view of the BIPOC experience beyond pain and oppression. The vibrant and hopeful I, TOO, SING AMERICA hits the BRAVA Theater Center stage in San Francisco from January 28th-February 13th, 2022.

It is just the spark of inspiration that gives one something to look forward to and research shows that is a good thing. In a class of its own, the show is for all audiences, who are ready for the soulful symphony of poetry, music, and movement that is I, TOO, SING AMERICA.

A theater ticket to I, TOO, SING AMERICA is a great way to put a positive event on the calendar for the New Year. Internationally recognized relationship expert, psychologist, author, and TV expert, Dr. Brenda Wade, recently commented on the significance of art and theater. "Art is the expression of the soul and theater was the first form of psychological healing on the planet," said Dr. Brenda Wade.

As the Omicron variant has emerged, the Huffington Post article "The Psychological Benefits of Having Things to Look Forward To (" is worth a revisit as experts reinforce the message of forward thinking and action. "Research suggests that living in the present moment and practicing mindfulness can increase happiness. "However, during particularly stressful moments in time, like our current pandemic, it can be more beneficial to have something to look forward to," said Atlanta therapist LeNaya Smith Crawford.

" I, TOO, SING AMERICA is fun, vibrant, thoughtful, intriguing and exhilarating-just to give a few adjectives," said Rodney Earl Jackson, Jr., Broadway actor and Co-founder of SFBATCO with Co-founder Marcelo Javier. "I had a great interview with Melissa Culross of KCBS Radio that aired Christmas Day, and I was able to underscore that our SFBATCO team has hired over 20 cast members getting artists back to work, and incorporated the work of African American, Latino and Chinese American poets. That is all good economic news combined with the inspirational message the show delivers."

I, TOO, SING AMERICA, conceived, and musically composed by Othello Jefferson, is directed by Jamie Yuen-Shore, with movement direction by Christine Chung. It is an inclusive song of America. Celebrating the diversity of BIPOC American life featuring an ensemble of 20 performers from a variety of backgrounds, I, TOO, SING AMERICA brings the poetry of great American authors such as Langston Hughes, Frances Chung, and Vince Gotera to life through original music and contemporary dance.

The consistent narrative of mainstream media focuses on the oppression and misery of the BIPOC experience. Little is seen of ambition, competition, triumph, tradition, joy, love, hope and reflection. I, TOO, SING AMERICA gives a perspective beyond the normal limited narrative.

"In finding and curating the poems for this piece, we thought carefully about the topics and themes we wanted to feature, with the goal of embracing and championing representation in every part of the process and product," said Jamie Yuen-Shore, Co-Creator/Director. "We wanted to find works that resonated with us, and especially moments or ideas we related to that we don't often see on stage or hear in popular narratives."

Born out of inspiration from Othello Jefferson, I, TOO, SING AMERICA, began as a love letter for his two daughters to show that their lives can be as large as the creation in which they were born. In the 2018-2019 season, the play won three Theatre Bay Area Awards including Best Musical, Outstanding Direction, and Outstanding Choreography.

I, TOO, SING AMERICA, puts a song in your heart to inspire you over and over again. Take action now and get your tickets to this show that has a history of sold-out performances. Ticket prices range from a family-friendly $15-$40. Tickets are still available. Click here for your tickets to inspiration, joy, hope and more:

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