Review: ADVENTURE SERIAL at Synergy Theater

Now through February 11th

By: Feb. 05, 2024
Review: ADVENTURE SERIAL at Synergy Theater
Review: ADVENTURE SERIAL at Synergy Theater
Nikki Vilas and Adrian Bosada in ADVENTURE
SERIAL by Synergy Theater at the Lesher
 Center. Photo Credit: Julie Stein

ADVENTURE SERIAL combines elements of adventure stories with audience suggestions to create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. With a quest, a hero, a sidekick, a lovely lady, and a villain, the foundation is laid for an adventure that can take many twists and turns. The quick-thinking team at Synergy Theater can pivot on a dime to explore a tangent subplot without losing focus on the end goal. With laughs aplenty both on and off stage, ADVENTURE SERIAL is a delightful romp through a beloved trope.

Griffin Davis Bier is the creator and director of ADVENTURE SERIAL. He plays the sidekick character Nick who also serves as the narrator. As the narrator, Bier is able to steer the ship and keep the story on track. His management of the show kept the actors from getting stuck in a scene and kept the pace lively when switching between concurrent scenes. Adrian Bosada brought great energy and ideas and made great use of the costume pieces and props on stage. Nikki Vilas won me over from her very first tumble across the stage as tumbleweed. She also produced what may have been the best line of the show with her interjection of “and a simple husband.” 

The audience was all in and eager to contribute at the very points where input is needed. One lucky audience member is chosen to help determine the quest for the show, and for this session, the goblet was chosen. However the audience member referred to it as “the Big Cup” which then became a running joke throughout the entirety of the show. Even with a short loss of power, the show kept running under the illumination of dozens of cell phone flashlights. With simple staging, nice lighting, and an assortment of props, the show is designed to provide a framework for the actors but also allow maximum flexibility.

Synergy Theater produces four full length improv shows annually. ADVENTURE SERIAL continues through February 11th. Next up is MY DEAREST LOVE, a scandalous period piece with intrigue, revenge, and of course dangerous liasions. Improv is a bit like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always worth a bite.

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