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ArtOFFICIAL Truth Opens At Project One

Internationally celebrated and collected, world-recognized master of spray paint CHOR BOOGIE; presents as curator, the ArtOFFICIAL Truth, at Project One in San Francisco. True originality speaks volumes, and truly creative art always speaks the truth. The combination of the two creates a massive force, allowing artists to express themselves fully, without borders, judgment, or fear.

Chor Boogie's curatorial debut in 2005, WriterzBlok, was an exhibition about Street Art for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The ARTOfficial Truth will be his second time leading as curator, and first time curating a group show of many mediums, with over 20 artists, in a gallery setting.

About the title of the exhibition, "Originally it came from the concept...its ART, it's OFFICIAL, and it's the TRUTH. The title itself is an artistic creation within itself, the same with the flyer in which I did paint the snails, but there is significance with that as well. The snails represent artists and it's a long road on this Art"OFFICIAL'Truth so we can live comfortably; by bringing all these truths/mediums under one roof is Officially ART. My main factor here was why not trust the artists in what they create, rather than give them a direction. Basically giving them their creative freedom, every piece in the show reflects its own purpose and its own vision its ART its OFFICIAL...its TRUTH" Chor Boogie

During "artistic voyages across the great planes" he compiled a list of artists he met, was introduced to, or who he had a connection with, and invited each one to be part of this exhibition. Curating a show of this scope featuring 26 artists, who express themselves in many various mediums, requires an enormous amount of focus, artistic courage and personal integrity. The exhibition as an overall conceptual piece is a true art in and of itself. He understands the truth in art, visible in his unique creations, imagined in his head and heart, presented in many different ways and shades.

Chor Boogie is internationally known for his vibrant spray paint masterpieces of color, on both walls and canvases. He is a pioneer of this medium within the urban art movement. His application of what he recognizes as "color therapy" allows him to paint pieces that resonate with those who view them on many levels, evoking a powerful mix of emotions.

Able to create various forms, even his signature inverted can technique is original. Painting dense, rich tones, allows him more room for perspective detail whether it be a wall, or small-scale canvas. Chor Boogie's dynamic range of artistic styles can manifest as soulful, deftly shaded portraits of color therapy, with geometric elements revealing half-hidden faces, and a minds eye or two to encourage you to see internally and externally. He expresses his reverence for life, honesty, and art, in ways that create a lasting impression.

He has built a collector base around the world including international commissions by global institutions and cultural commemorations. This recognition allows him to inspire today's youth with his personal story and transcendent life and style. Having traveled the world for his own creations, he sees the truth in the artists selected for the show.

National and international commissions of Chor Boogie's include: Century Ginwa in Xi'an China, Beijing Olympics; a 120ft. mural commissioned by the Department of Public Works SF/San Francisco Arts Commission StreetSmARTS; a section of The Berlin Wall during the Stroke Art Fair in Germany; L.A. Youth Center, 2nd and Beaudry, Los Angeles; May Lane Street Art Project, Samstag Museum - University of South Australia, until July 1, 2011; and most recently, a 100ft. wall commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD.) Notable personal commissions include the collections of, Jay-Z and Hugh Hefner, as well as new works frequently exhibited in museums, and, fine and contemporary art galleries in major metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Chor also created the world's smallest spray painted canvas (2'x2") of his lovable creation The Boogie BirdTM, whose mission is to SAVE THE WORLD through the beauty of simplicity, and by the power of its cuteness. Sponsored and endorsed by Spanish Montana - MTN 94 Spray Paint, Chor has a limited edition signature spray can slated for launch at Art Basel Miami Beach, Florida.

In addition to curating the ArtOFFICIAL Truth, Chor Boogie's schedule includes the following confirmed summer exhibitions: Bakers Dozen at the Torrance Museum of Art, July 16th-August 27th and Colorfornia: New Forms in West Coast Street Art - The Warehouse Gallery at the International Contemporary Art Center, Syracuse University, New York, September 15th- November 5th, 2011. This collaboration will be with peers, Apex and Jet Martinez. Also coming soon to an art house theatre near you, is "Spray Paint the Movie...The Fine Art of Chor Boogie", directed and produced by Sarah Fisher, whose credits include the documentary, Meditate and Destroy, the journey of Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx.

The ArtOFFICIAL Truth, curated by Chor Boogie, opens in San Francisco, Friday, June 17th and runs thru August 6th ( The opening will feature an interactive, multi-media exhibition alongside performance art, inclusive of 26 artists from around the globe. The artist attended opening reception will feature performances through the night, as well as DJ sets by: Sake. Project One is an art gallery and event/performance space including a cafe and lounge in the Design District of San Francisco, located at, 251 Rhode Island St. For more information on the exhibition, please visit: Chor Boogie is represented by, Dana Yarger.

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