BWW Interview: Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner from GRIMM

BWW Interview: Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner from GRIMM

If you are a fan of NBC's show "Grimm" then you may know Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner as fan favorites Monroe and Rosalee. Both talented performers have backgrounds in the live performances; Mitchell has performed on stage in New York and Turner was a dancer before branching out into acting. Find out what they have to say about working on the show, their characters, and each other.

One of the interesting aspects of their characters relationships is that they are both different kind of Wesen (variations of fairy tale creatures in the show). As Silas Weir Mitchell says, the writers are giving them some fun things to portray. "The complexity and the darkness of, you know, are people going to accept, you know, (Bootbah) and the Fuchsbau, you know, there's - that's a rich kind of basically interracial kind of vein that they're going to mine. So as sweet as it is which it total is, what I like about what the writers do is they allow for complexity and darkness, so there."

Turner agrees that their relationship works because it is not something often explored on television. "I think what's been enjoyable about the ark of the relationship this season is that it has been complicated and real and a very adult relationship. You know, I think it's been really fun that I, you know, adult late-30's couple is being portrayed on screen and it's not this high drama of your 20's or, you know, silliness of your teens. It's like two people who've lived a very full life, a complicated life coming together and finding harmony together.

And it's not a straight path and it's twisted but there's always respect and love and I think that's what's always shown with our story of the show is two people that respect and love each other and how they deal with the complexities of their relationship."

Their love for what they are doing extends to each other as well. Bree is a big fan of working with Silas as well.

"I love Silas, like everything about Silas is his big heart. He's a sweetheart of a man and also a true professional to work with.And, you know, I think from day one I knew that it was going to be a very cool journey with Silas because he's all in 100% and he brings so much to the character and to the script that's not even necessarily down on paper and it's just very exciting and fun to work with him - that's how I feel."

This is a feeling that he gladly reciprocates saying,"for me working with Bree is just - it's delightful because she is, same thing she's all in. She's interested in the honesty of the story. And when you work with actors who are interested in the honesty of it and the truth of it then you look at the person and they're playing the same game you're playing and so you're on the same field. It's not like a lot of times you're trying to play bad mitten and the other person's bowling...Bree and I we know that we're like we can trust each other and we're both playing the same fun game."

See where this relationship ends up when Grimm" returns to NBC on their regularly scheduled Fridays nights at 9pm on February 28th. If you can't wait check out more information at

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