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The Full Monty at The Ziegfeld Theater


5/4/2018 - 5/19/2018


The Ziegfeld Theater

3934 S Washington Blvd
Ogden,UT 84403

Tickets Info

Phone: 855-944-2787

The Full Monty in Salt Lake City

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LET IT GO. Based on the cult hit film of the same name, The Full Monty, a ten-time Tony Award nominee, is filled with honest affection, engaging melodies and the most highly anticipated closing number of any show. Entertaining and bold, it also boasts an emotional core and a lot of heart as a group of blue collar men discover strength and confidence that comes with baring it all.

While spying on their wives at a "Girls' Night Out," a group of unemployed steelworkers from Buffalo sees how much they enjoy watching male strippers. Jealous, out of work and feeling emasculated, the men come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. In preparing, they find themselves extremely exposed physically and emotionally. As they conquer their fears, self-consciousness and prejudices, the men come to discover that they're stronger as a group, and the strength that they find in each other gives them the individual courage to "let it go.”

Contains strong language and nudity. Parental discretion is strongly advised.

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