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BWW Blog: Jesse Swimm of Tuacahn's MARY POPPINS - Around the World in 80 Minutes


There is something very exciting about doing regional work as opposed to being on tour. For one you get to be in one city for extended amount of time and you don't have to live in a hotel. Yes the benefits of a hotel room are awesome. Turn down service, fresh towels, room service. I could go on and on. But for me there is nothing better than actually being in an apt, even when I am on tour I prefer it. I have space for one thing, I am not around other loud hotel guests, I can bring my dog with me (very important), and I actually feel like I am living in the city I am working in as opposed to just being a tourist. In a way it almost feels like home. You have a life, you make friends, you have your daily routine, your favorite coffee shop, and your favorite place to eat and let me tell you, you can't beat my view.

Now being that we are in one place for an extended amount of time it affords us many luxuries that we wouldn't normally get on "the road". One of these is the ability to cook incredible meals in the comfort of your own apartment. This was never more the case when members of my cast decided to throw a little "International " food party. It was basically a smorgasbord of everything you could have possibly wanted and more all throughout the apartment complex. The task was simple: choose a country, and then choose a dish from that region. Being that my kitchen is beyond tiny where I am staying I opted to make a Greek salad. Mind you I do know how to cook and I would like to think I am pretty decent at it but being away from my kitchen makes preparing things a little bit more of a challenge than usual. Now since I don't live where the cast lives I had to get my items at the local grocery store, Lin's, and prepare the salad at the actual party. Again I would have prepared it at home but travelling a huge salad in the trunk of my moped is an art form that I have not yet mastered. So away I went. When I arrived the party was in full force. Korean BBQ, Lumpia, Baked Brie, Lasagna, the list goes on and on. It was every smell you could imagine and then some. It was glorious. The party would also be somewhat of an adventure, as we would travel to each apartment to sample dishes as if it were a new destination. It was quite a treat for us since we have been in St George for the past 7 months.

The final apartment in our journey was also one of the most anticipated...dessert!!! I don't know how we even mustered the strength to consume more but I do know that everyone no matter how full seems to have a dessert stomach. Mine is about the size of Texas. There were crepes, there was bananas foster, there was apple crisp, and there was the Big "O" Cake. Now mind you I had no idea what that was but after a quick explanation from John Preator that his friends nicknamed it this because it was like "Better Than Sex" cake but even better than that it was obvious that they needed to change the name and Big "O" stuck. Once I had eaten all I could I slowly made my way to a viewing of the Walking Dead season 4 premiere in another apartment where I watched Zombies devour their own international meals on the small screen. The entire night was a huge success. I am always impressed with my friends when they share something with me, whether it's a story, some music, a joke, or something as simple as their favorite food. It makes that bond stronger, much more personal. It's moments like these that I will truly miss from this contract.

It's Rice Time kids (Eymard Cabling's contribution)

Lumpia courtesy of Eric Badique

Baked Brie anyone?

I want to eat it all!!!

Shari Jordan and Nicole Powell prepare dessert

Fire makes everything taste better

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